What Is a Cold Between Spouses – My Special Kind of Hell

It’s FRIDAY and both my husband and I are healthy! While this wouldn’t be a noteworthy state of affairs for most folks, for us it’s a huge milestone. Yes ok I’m being a tad dramatic but anyone who has children relying upon you can attest to the absolute HELL which falls over a home where both parents are ill.

Last weekend it began with hubby mentioning a sore throat. By mentioning I mean telling me over and over for a few hours about the exact feelings he was having in his throat regions. Please men of the world don’t ever fall into the trap that your mind lays where you think a woman actually wants to hear about the taste or viscoscity of your mucus.

Why Do Men Describe Their Mucus when They Have a Cold?

By Sunday evening after listening to him lament about his ailments which seemed to increase throughout the day, I felt a minor fever settling upon me. I decided to beat this apparent cold with mind power and huge shots of vitamin C, the power of the mind is an amazing thing right?

Well whether it’s because the Y chromosome in the house wouldn’t SHUT IT or because the virus was wicked strong, by Monday morning we were both laid up on the couch. With the sound of wet mouth breathing filling the room, we did out best to raise our achy bodies off the cushions to get the girls ready for school.

We rewarded ourselves by resting, medicating up and toasting ourselves over nyquil daytime as we scraped our sensitive skin with never-soft-enough tissues.

PrincessThere is never a good time for a Mom to get sick with a bad cold but believe me when I say that experiencing a virus of this magnitude with my spouse brought on a state of frustration akin to having my eyebrows plucked.

Let me say that my husband has almost attained Knight-worthy status over the years of our marriage, but this week was a test I don’t wish to repeat.

What Is a Cold Between Spouses

Haven’t I earned the right to have a cold alone, to complain to someone and be served in my misery? To be babied a bit?? sniff….

Instead my little “Princess” joined me as we filled up on chicken soup and shook off fevers from under our respective comforters our children lovingly told us everything would be alright…..

For 3 days it felt like I was dying…..and so yes now I’m feeling like celebrating because we’ve made it though the cold from hell!

It’s also occurred to me the irony of all of this, I’ve been pumping vitamins into the girls in preparation for back to school germs and it’s us who end up sick!

How has your family been doing, hopefully better than we fared this past week.


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3 Responses

  1. Oh Julie! I know exactly what you mean! lol. There’s nothing worse than when you’re both sick..and you have kids! The worse, is when I’m sick and I’m relying on hubby to help out…and then suddenly he starts “coughing” and says he needs to lay down. WTH? LOL. I want to babied when I’m sick too! Yet when he’s sick…it’s me who caters to him *sigh*. MEN! Glad you’re both feeling better, especially before the weekend! Yay! :)

  2. Glad you are both feeling better!
    It really does suck when both parents are sick and little kids seem to magically get 100 times more energy! Still, i’m never sure which is worse, just the parents sick, or the whole entire family. Each situation is horrible!

  3. Both parents down is a terrible thing. We’re in a bit of a similar state over here, and I’m about to call the Molly Maid emergency line before the house caves in around us. All energy is focused solely on keeping the kid alive. I can barely pull my butt out of bed :(

    Really glad to hear you guys are coming around!! I’m sure the end of ours must be in sight :)

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