Weight Loss – Curb Your Hunger With Low Calorie Foods

Motivated MondayIf you’re like me you pretty much always feel hungry. Since January I’ve been focused upon getting healthy and weight loss.  I’ve tried to stay mindful of eating properly to avoid the nasty state of hunger which finds me snacking on anything my hands can find. When I give into this hunger I end up eating unhealthy foods I normally wouldn’t choose.

The solution for me is simple yet not necessarily easy to do! I have to either curb my desire to eat and choose foods which will keep me feeling full for a longer period of time.

Foods with a high content of protein and fiber take longer to be digested which in turn make me feel less hungry. By drinking loads of water with them I’ve found my answer to the niggling feeling of hunger.

Low Calorie Foods to Feel Full

Protein: Protein has a chemical effect on the brain that causes the body to feel satisfied after a meal with approximately 30 grams of protein. If you are trying to lose weight and/or exercising regularly you should try to consume as many grams of protein throughout the day as the number of pounds in your goal weight. Some of my favorite high protein foods:

  • Seafood – Fish like tuna, cod, halibut and bass are highly nutritious, low-calorie foods that make you feel full.
  • Cottage Cheese – A cup of non-fat cottage cheese is high in protein while low in carbs so it’s a great choice for eating on the run.
  • Eggs – Egg whites are a staple in my diet, throwing in a handful of veggies with a bit of spice ensures a delicious meal which fills me up for a few hours.
  • Chicken – Three slices of oven-roasted, fat-free chicken can keep hunger at bay for a long time, cooking with chicken is a breeze and the whole family loves it. Be sure to choose low-fat chicken and bypass the delicious skin.
  • Turkey – Lean ground turkey makes for a great chilli or sauce base. Again it’s simple to work with and flavor packed.
  • Lean Beef – I could never give up my steak!

Fruits: Are great immune system and metabolism boosters. Because they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals any calories are truly worth it. I choose fruits to satisfy my sweet tooth as a low-calorie option when I have a craving for a sweet snack.

Chicken-SaladVegetables: Veggies are my save-all, I keep the fridge stocked and keep them on hand at all times. Cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, celery, spinach, carrots, asparagus, tomatoes, onions, radish and endives are vegetables that are low in starch hence low in calories. They also have high content of fiber and water. For best possible effects, I eat them raw, like in the form of salads or soups.

This gives a general idea of where I find my foods that are filling without being high in calories. Generally speaking I keep a weekly meal plan outlining healthy, well-balanced meals for the family. The big trick for my weight-loss success is drinking lots of water and keeping hunger at bay by being aware of the high protein, low-calorie foods which make up the majority of my diet.

How about yourself, have you found ways to be mindful of hunger and how to deal with it?

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11 Responses

  1. Cool. Thanks for the list. I’m literally sitting here looking at my calorie count, etc for today and wondering how to keep it under control. lol.

  2. Hmmm…. I’ve been working on this too and I agree with what you’ve said. My new favorite food for dieting is Quinoa. I love it. Made with a little chicken broth or even salted water. Add some veggies or even plain, it fills you up (and takes care of that pesky carb craving). I even make a killer quinoa mushroom and thyme risotto (it’s on my site).

    The other big thing for me was to acknowledge the difference between hungry and bored. I work from home and am a full time mom, so it’s important for me to recognize the difference….

  3. Oh my, I totally agree with so many of these! Back when I was just out of high school, I lost about twenty pounds just by adding more cottage cheese and fruit to my diet (I love it!) And of course, having a big glass of water BEFORE you eat is always a good move too, since your body has trouble distinguishing between hunger and thirst. :) SO proud of you, Julie!!

  4. Great list of foods. Chicken is one of my favourite filling foods, add it to salad, make it for supper, I have even tossed some into omelets. Cooked of course.

  5. I have a totally different problem – I don’t feel hunger, almost ever. I know that sounds like it shouldn’t be problem but it really is. As I’ve walked my own weightloss journey I often times don’t eat enough in a day because I forget I need to eat, not eating enough calories doesn’t help either! Your body will think it’s starving if you don’t make sure that it’s getting enough and rather than eat fat it’ll survive off of muscles, like your heart. I find nuts and apples getting taken everywhere I go makes sure I eat enough in a day, even if I’m not famished

  6. Eating small regular meals is so important. You need to balance your blood sugar through out the day. Having a snack with a little bit of protein as part of it will also make you feel fuller longer

  7. I can really appreciate this post. I’ve been struggling day to day trying to figure out what to eat. I always find that I’m hungry, particularly more so as I’ve been shedding the pounds (or trying to). It doesn’t matter how much water I drink, the hunger lingers. You’ve pointed out some great alternatives that I’ll have to give a whirl.

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