Today Acceptance Eludes Me

Some days I hate being human, it’s excruciating to seek acceptance when I can’t for the life get over the fact that I’m incapable to being who I want to be. Today is a BAD day, for once I’m going to openly lament here and hopefully you all will understand my weakness. I’m angry, I’m […]

SAC O GRANDE Handbag Review & Giveaway US&CAN

I am a handbag lover, I often fall in love with handbags but have to deny myself the purchase because I cannot justify the high price point. SAC O GRANDE is a handbag line for women who value a fashionable, high quality handbag but don’t want to break the budget to purchase one. The President […]

Weight Loss – Curb Your Hunger With Low Calorie Foods

If you’re like me you pretty much always feel hungry. Since January I’ve been focused upon getting healthy and weight loss.  I’ve tried to stay mindful of eating properly to avoid the nasty state of hunger which finds me snacking on anything my hands can find. When I give into this hunger I end up […]