I missed the #140Conf but got the point!

People have many different reasons for writing a blog, whether it’s for personal or business purposes one thing the experts suggest is to make your message clear to your readers. Wether the blog is monetized or not, a newbie such as myself will usually get caught up in the numbers game at some point.

How do I get more readers?

How do I write content which will keep them coming back?

What is my niche?

What’s my brand and how can I best represent it?

At this stage we install statistic widgets and pay attention to the reader activity, noting the time they spend on our sites, when they leave etc.

More often than not we open a Twitter account and begin interacting with others. I personally had a Twitter account which I hadn’t touched in years until I had begun to get to know other bloggers via reading and commenting on their blogs. I revived my account and quickly began following everyone and establishing relationships.

Twitter is a funny thing, we have the ability to throw out any thought in our heads in only 140 characters. There is potential for these 140 characters to span the globe, being read by strangers and potential to impact their perspective.

As you should know by now the main purpose of my blog is to share a message to the world. This message took me too many years and too much heartache to understand.

I urge others to live authentically, honestly, with integrity and a purpose which is not self-serving.

LIVE OUT LOUD, up front and center.

By finding your self-worth, facing your demons under the rug and sharing that with others, we can find true happiness on this journey of life.

Once I had been on Twitter for a little bit, I realized the potential of this! I do use it for networking and promotion but my purpose is to continue to speak the word, the truth that has set me free from an unfulfilling life.

I decided to ignore my blog stats, forget fitting in a niche and be true to my goal. My blog is not a business blog, I’m not selling anything and don’t plan to any time soon. This grants me the freedom to speak openly, to shout from the rooftops my belief that we need to step out of our self-serving lifestyles and to talk about my challenging days, my emotions and my inspirations.

Recently I’ve come across someone whom everyone else has been aware of for years. Jeff Pulver is an inspiring person, he speaks openly about his loneliness as a child, his discovery of his voice and his intent to use that voice to affect change. He has quite the resume which you can find my googling his name, most recently he is the producer of the #140Conf.

What is the #140Conf?

That was my question, when I saw the hashtag #140ConfONT I neglected to investigate further. That was my mistake, one which I’m not about to repeat. It was a conference held in Kitchener, Ontario recently which brought together media thinkers and doers, brand marketers, dot-com developers, celebrities, activists, entrepreneurs.

The conference was streamed online for people such as myself, as I sat and watched I was amazed! Someone had found the venue to challenge others to “Live in the State of Now”, gasp….that’s my message!

There I sat, watching the feed in amazement, absorbing the speakers words thinking about the fantastic possibilities of social media.

There is an energy which we can create people, with that energy we can affect the change we seek.

Please check out the link, follow the hashtag and find that change in your lives.

Oh and what about me? Well next year I’m going to attend the conference and in the meantime I’m intent on continuing to spread the word and encourage others to “Be Where Your Hands Are”.

I will stand strong in my message and live it all out loud today. 

What about you friends, are you living and loving life authentically? What is the message you’re sending?

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7 Responses

  1. It was a really solid conference with a fresh take (sort of like TED meets Twitter). I really liked it and I am hoping other conferences take note and switch things up a bit!

  2. I’m an out of the closet Conservative Catholic Gay Black man raising four children. How much more authentic can I get?
    p.s. gotta go, Rush Limbaugh just came back on!

  3. I hope my message has always been clear, I’m a recovering alcoholic and for me my life truly began at 41! There is hope for anyone willing to take a chance, to trust, to work, to change. My cup runneth over and I am more blessed than I deserve to be. And another perk is meeting awesome people like you who share your message with courage and conviction!

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