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Almost everyone I know uses Facebook. We use it to keep in contact with friends and family, to update everyone on our lives and to keep up with our “Facebook Friends”. It’s become a part of our routines, social media has made keeping in touch easy. Twitter has become a virtual cocktail party, where you can network and “meet” people you may not have the chance to in real life.

I’ve always been intrigued with Social Media, back to the days of the Yahoo chat rooms I would connect with friends who lived distances away. While in school I lived a distance from my study groups and we would often gather in a room to review projects.

These days I use it for check recipes, researching symptoms of illnesses(yeah I don’t recommend this one), making travel plans, communicating with friends/family….well for almost anything you can think of I’ve found a resource online. I also use it to blog, to communicate my thoughts and beliefs to the world.

If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you may have noticed the hashtag #SCCTO and wondered what it’s about. #SCCTO is the Twitter hashtag for the ShesConnected Conference which is taking place in Toronto this week, Sept. 29th-30th.


This is a unique blog conference, their focus is primarily on the relationship between the sponsor brands and the socially connected women. They have hand-picked 200 Top Digitally Connected Women in Canada to attend the conference, ensuring that they were appropriate to the target market of the sponsor brands.

Have I mentioned that I’m one of the 200 handpicked attendees????

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet all of the women I’ve been chatting with on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. I will also have the opportunity to hear the brands speak and for them to hear my voice.

While attendance at the conference is free there are costs related to accommodations, travel and wardrobe. At this stage I have not found a sponsor for accommodations or travel but  I’ve been fortunate enough to gain support from my local community.

I’m proud to say that Janice Gooding of As We Grow/The Cardwell Collection is outfitting me in some fantastic pieces for the conference!


As We Grow/The Cardwell Collection
Telephone: 519-941-8733
Location: 113 Broadway, Orangeville, L9W 1K2

A fixture in Downtown Orangeville, and celebrating its 30th anniversary in October, this 8,000 square foot fashion store, located in the heritage Sun Office building, stands directly across from the clock tower and is a treasure trove of fashion for the discriminating shopper.

Showcasing an array of clothing lines and featuring new women’s fashions, swimwear and sleepwear, as well as jewellery and accessories. At As We Grow shoppers love the adorable baby gifts and enjoy browsing through our racks for new baby, children’s and youth fashions, including christening outfits, boy’s suits and dresses for girls up to youth sizes.

We also showcase quality resale clothing for the entire family as well as resale wedding dresses, skates, skis, books, toys and baby items.

We carry a full line of products for dance, skating and gymnastics performers including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap & ballroom.  Mondor, SoDanca, & Sansha are featured.

Winner of Reader’s Choice awards for Favourite Children’s Store and past winner of Best Consignment Store by Today’s Parent Toronto Magazine.

Janice Gooding has been an influential woman in my life, she is dynamic, generous and determined to make a difference. I will be doing a feature on her in the near future, hoping to give inspiration to potential women in business.

I have shopped at As We Grow/The Cardwell Collection for over 20 years and highly recommend it to anyone in the area!


I will be wearing pieces from Papillion Import’s collection.

Papillon has been operating out of its Los Angeles corporate office for the past twenty-five years. Papillon’s great team of people put their minds together into creating, operating, managing, manufacturing and marketing in the United States and overseas. We also have several factories and units in India, China and Bali, which help us to serve our customers that have fast-paced needs. You can find our several showrooms in the USA, Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico. Also our sales representatives periodically traveling to visit our customers on locations and we also participate in major apparel and gift shows.

I have been wearing clothing from Papillion for years, I adore their unique style, high quality and competitive prices!

Check out their online catalogue to see their amazing Fall Collection!


My incredible footwear is generously provided by a local boutique, Shoe Kat Shoo.


In Orangeville, on Broadway beside the Opera House, Shoe Kat Shoo offers stylish, functional, and special occasion footwear, currently for women and, in future seasons, men. Owner Kathie Lloyd has searched out many little known makers that women will love and presents her customers with shoes uniquely available at this eclectic and elegant main street location.

Kathie believes that given the option, women want to be fashionable every day. “It is not necessary to sacrifice fashion in order to be comfortable”. Shoe Kat Shoo’s mission is to source shoes that offer the best of all worlds; fashion, quality, and comfort – including shoes for the hard to fit foot and shoes with various widths and removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics.

Kathie invites women to make their shoe preferences known so she may personally serve them now, and as she shops worldwide for each coming season.

Kathie is an inspiration, her store has a fantastic collection of high-quality footwear which makes me salivate! When nearby, make a stop in to Shoe Kat Shoo.

You can find Kathie on Twitter @ShoeKatShoo or on her blog Shoe Kat Shoo


I am grateful to my sponsors and honored to have been chosen as one of the “Top 200 Digitally Connected Women in Canada”. I cannot wait to attend the ShesConnected conference and I’m certain there will be more to follow!


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