Pole Dancing bites me in the rump

So I was downstairs in the family room with my 7 year old, she was swinging in circles around the support beam. She was being silly, laughing, falling over and over as she was spinning. It was obvious she was trying to perfect something??

ME: Syd, what are you doing?

Syd: I’m trying to pole dance Mummy, can you teach me how?

ME (ummmm pause….how the heck do you know the word pole dance??) What is pole dancing?

Syd: Dancing around a pole, you know that Mama

ME (carefully): What makes you think I know that? Who were you talking about pole dancing with?

Syd: Daddy, he said you’re the BEST pole dancer ever (with a totally serious face), come on Mama teach me how

ME: (imagining all the repercussions of this….teachers/friends…ughhh) Syd I don’t know how to dance around a pole but there is a Mayberry pole where there are ribbons tied at the top of a pole, the children each hold a ribbon and skip in a circle around the pole wrapping it up……

I love that hubby thinks I’m a GREAT pole dancer…..but REALLY? She is 7.

Hubby’s sense of humor kills me

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7 Responses

  1. It's always the quiet ones!!!!! Unfortunately our children know way too much at way too early of an age…I feel virtually prehistoric next to my kids! Have a great weekend…

  2. hahaha Annette, I've been known to sway to the beat around a few poles but be certain I was always fully clothed ;) Or at least I think I was ha!My daughter has no understanding of a pole dancer beyond the fact that they dance around a pole thank goodness lol.

  3. Did you notice I'm not telling :)Nahhh honey God didn't see fit for me to EVER have the bod to warrant a public pole dance which would stimulate any person to stuff a dollar down my gstring.

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