Last Spring at 5’4″ I weight 223 pounds and felt awful. My chronic pain and migraines were a daily challenge and I decided to FIGHT to heal my body. Listen, this wasn’t an easy decision…I have an under-active thyroid and I had tried to lose weight almost all of my adult life and honestly I gained it back and more.

Today I’m 50 pounds down and am asked daily what I did…so today I’m sharing How I Lost 50 Pounds hoping to help someone else that may be losing hope.

How I Lost 50 Pounds

how I lost 50 pounds

1st – In March 2017 I announced here that I was doing a month long doTERRA cleanse. This cleaned out my gut and reduced the inflammation in my bod. I lost 9 pounds over the month and got off refined sugars. Click that link to see all of the info…gut health has been the key to me losing (and keeping off the weight)

Starting a 30 Day dōTERRA Cleanse and Restore sj

2nd – I continued taking Life Long Vitality supplements and drinking citrus in my water once a day. These supplements are AMAZING!! For over a year I have taken Life Long Vitality to ensure I’m getting the vitamins/minerals/omegas/oils my body needs to ensure nutrition and let me tell you when I’ve forgotten these for 3 days I feel like POOP again.

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3rd – I removed further sugars and after research and chatting with my doctor I began eating the Keto diet. Low carbs, moderate protein and high healthy fats. You can see more about his on I wouldn’t do Keto without an AMAZING supplement like Life Long Vitality.

4th – Throughout this process I’ve been working on my emotional relationship with foods. This is a BIG one…by regulating my emotions daily and focusing on positive inner dialogue, I’ve really changed my perspective. Truly now…I’m comfortable in my own skin and don’t down myself with my thoughts.

If you’d like info on the cleanse or LLV let me know! The point here is…IF I CAN DO THIS…YOU CAN. No matter what your brain may be saying about hating change….it’s possible.

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  1. wow Julie you look amazing,I too am on a weightloss currently down 60 lbs and many more to go

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