Vicks AGESMART™ Family Thermometer Review & Giveaway

**Thank you to our reviewer Krista for her excellent review of the new Vicks AGESMART Family Thermometer**

When I was asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the new Vicks AGESMART™ Family Thermometer, I jumped at the chance. With a teething baby, fall clearly here, cold and flu season kicking in I was interested to see what edge this thermometer might have over others.

Vicks Age Smart Thermometer

Here’s what you’ll find in the box…

It comes with the thermometer, detailed instructions, probe covers and a cover to protect the thermometer. Once out of the package you simply and easily choose your age range, turn it on and take your temperature. This can be done orally, rectal, or under the arm.

I tested it on myself under the tongue and as I have small children I used it under their arms. It is quick and accurate it took 8 seconds (exactly as it says) to get my reading. The green light indicated my temperature was normal at that time. If a low grade fever is present it will be a yellow light, which was the case with my teething toddler. If a high grade fever is present you will get a red light.

I love this new thermometer!

Vicks Age Smart

It is especially handy as I have a toddler and a young child in my home. No more Googling, calling Teleheath or looking for temperature charts in the middle of the night for Celsius/Fahrenheit conversions to see if it’s a “normal” temperature.

When it comes to having a fever, age truly does matters. What is considered normal body temperature in a 5 year old may be regarded as fever in a new born. Vicks AGESMART is the first age-adjustable thermometer, using medical guidelines to interpret temperatures. This is available to you at the simple touch of a button.

The many features include: Fever Insight Feature, Screen color displays fever levels: OK, Mild Fever, and High Fever, Faster 8 second temperature read-out, Displays in Celsius and Fahrenheit, Flexible tip that is also softer and more gentle, Professional accuracy and is Water resistant for easy cleaning. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty!

The Vicks AGESMART™ Family Thermometer is a truly inexpensive way to help you keep your family safe and well!

Would you like to WIN a Vicks AGESMART™ Family Thermometer?

We have one to giveaway to a reader who is 18+ and lives in Canada, entry is simple just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. Winner will be drawn October 22 nd and have 48 hours to respond.
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35 Responses

  1. My kids are 5 years apart so this would have been handy every time they’ve been sick. I really love that it’s both fahrenheit and celcius – I hate trying to interpret the thermometer i own now!

  2. With having 4 boys, it always seem like they are sharing their stomach bugs and viruses with each other. with it being able to read a temp. in 8 seconds, that would be a God sent so it would make our life easier when they are sick :)

  3. When it’s in the middle of the night, my baby boy seems like having a fever but I am not sure if the temperature is right or slightly too high for his age

  4. when my eldest daughter had her first shots and she had such a bad reaction to them; she had a super high fever

  5. I could have used this when both kids and myself were sick and it was hard to tell by touch if anyone had a fever

  6. My son has autism and therefore screams when he is not well (he is not able to express what is wrong) …. this would come in handy knowing if he has a fever and that is what is bothering him.

  7. Many times I have been unwell and wanting to check my temperature but the thermometer wasn’t working or had a low battery and not able to give a reading.

  8. I need a good thermometer on hand, my son was up all last night with high temps, If I had this it would have been perfect

    dalleykt at live dot ca

  9. There were a few times we wished we had a proper thermometer with the baby was sick especially in the middle of the night when she was irritable.

  10. My son had a very high fever over Christmas a couple years ago and we were at a friends house overnight. They didn’t have a thermometer. I could have really used one then!

  11. When the flu hit our family in the summer – how yucky.
    thankfully I did not reach me. Had to look after people
    As a good mom should. Great and useful giveaway. too.

  12. I wish I had this thermometer for a middle of the night wakeup with our daughter when our thermometer was broken.

  13. I wish I had this when my boys had the flu! Ours just quit working, and with flu season coming, and my boys just starting JK this year, I know we need one!

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