10 Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil

Do you remember Ethel from the commercials for Frank’s RedHot? Oh you’ve gotta remember her….She “puts that sh*t on everything”!! Well the ongoing joke in my house is that I AM ETHEL. Why, you may ask? Because it doesn’t matter what symptom anyone has, I pull out doTERRA Frankincense essential oil.

I literally “put that sh*t on EVERYTHING!” Got a headache? Frank. Stressed out? Frank. Stub your toe? Frank. (Yes, Frank and I ARE on a first name basis)

I could go on and on about the sheer and utter amazingness of Frank, but I shaved down my list and created you a fabulous top 10 list instead!

I have to pause here to ask you to double check the quality of the essential oils you purchase because they are not created equally. We use only dōTERRA products because I am confident with the purity (no fillers) and potency.

**Please note: I am not a doctor, I am a user of essential oils and these opinions are my own. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.**

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10 Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil

frankincense essential oil

  1. Relax – If you are feeling stressed out, a few drops of frankincense essential oil added to a nice warm bath is heavenly
  2. Calm – My eldest daughter suffers from anxiety and when she is feeling wound up, I add some frankincense essential oil to the diffuser and it promotes relaxation
  3. Disinfect – I also love to diffuse frankincense essential oil throughout the house because it deodorizes and disinfects
  4. Skin – Frankincense essential oil has the unique ability to help protect skin cells. I mix it with a carrier oil and apply it directly to my skin or I put a couple drops in a veggie capsule and take it to promote healthy cellular function
  5. Digestion – 1-2 drops of frank in an 8oz glass of water aids in digestion…so give it a try next time you’re bloated or have an upset stomach…you won’t be sorry!
  6. Stretch Marks/Scars – Moms, you will love this one. After kids, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got some pregnancy reminders in the form of stretch marks. Add a few drops of frank with some fractionated coconut oil or shea butter and rub directly onto your stretch marks or scars
  7. Sleep – Issues sleeping? Diffuse frankincense essential oil in your room as a natural sleep aid
  8. Restless Leg – Have you ever had restless legs? Apply frank directly to the bottom of your feet and it helps with relaxation.
  9. Migraine – As you know, I suffer terribly with migraines. I have two go-to solutions to relieve it with Frank. First I put a drop on my thumb and press it onto the roof of my mouth and hold for 20 seconds. Next I blend equal parts of frankincense, lavender and peppermint essential oils with a carrier oil. Once mixed, I apply it directly to my temples and to the nape of my neck.
  10. Essential Oil Booster – The final that I am in love with Frank? Frankincense essential oil is known as the ‘King of Oils’…and the reason for that is because when it is added to other oils, it actually boosts their properties! Frankincense blends especially well with citrus oils, lavender and peppermint

I probably could have done a top 100 list for frankincense essential oil because I really do use it for almost everything! What I would love to hear from you is what are your favourite uses for frank? Or are you more like me where you “put that sh*t on everything?”

10 uses for Frankincense essential oil

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  1. I place 2 drops of frankincense onto the crown of my head every morning and evening and it has relieved my scalp itchiness and flakiness. Thanks DoTERRA. 💜

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