Happy Holidays Blogger GIVEAWAY – Open to US and Canada

The Holidays are approaching and schedules are filling up quickly. This is the “most wonderful” time of the year…but we all know how very busy and costly it can get! To help you relieve some Holiday stress, I’ve teamed up with some FANTASTIC blogger friends to do a Holiday Giveaway !


As bloggers throughout the year we sit behind a screen, typing away with nobody in the room. We hit publish and just hope that our words reach out to somebody reading. We strive to hit your heart and your minds with content that interests you as it has us. Each and every time we see a comment from a reader that acknowledges we have sparked interest, we are validated. With each pageview you give to us, we are validated.

We bloggers appreciate our readers!

We want to thank you all for choosing to read our words and to do so, we’ve come up with what we hope you think is a GREAT Holiday giveaway!

3 readers will each win a $100 Amazon gift card!! This giveaway is open to residents of the USA and Canada who are 18 years or older.

Entry is simple:

  1. Leave me a comment on this blog post telling me one thing you’d buy for yourself if you won.
  2. Sign into the Giveaway Tools form below and enter!!


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128 Responses

  1. Amazon is such a great place to shop. I think I would buy another book of Ed and Lorraine Warrens ghost adventures….and maybe a new computer mouse..because mine is just about out of clicks….

  2. I would buy something pretty and flattering ~ I have recently lost 55 pounds. I would like to look pretty again.

  3. I would buy myself a hair straightening brush. Would make my mornings so much easier, I have wanted one for so long!

  4. I would buy myself a pair of cute and warm boots or a yellow wallet. If I could find a wallet that was my favorite color, yellow, and had polka dots it would be perfect. :)

  5. I would love to win this for me. I need a new cell phone badly and would put towards that. I gave my son my new I phone because I didn’t like it and only to find out from Rogers I have to wait 2 more years for a new one YUK!! mine is dying

  6. It’s a well-known fact that I have a bit of a book addiction (I don’t think it’s a problem, but a lot of people would disagree lol) so I’d definitely buy books! Lots and lots of books!

  7. I would probably buy my son a gaming mouse, and my daughter jewelry… then I would have to get my granddaughter something too! haha God bless and Happy Holidays to everyone!

  8. Well $100 gift card these days doesn’t stretch nearly as far as it used to, so if it was absolutely mandatory for me to buy myself 1 thing, I would buy myself a pack of gum. Seeing my girls happy is the only gift I need, I don’t need anything but them.

  9. If I win this I will spend it on winter coats for my sister’s 7 kids. Thank you for the opportunity. Happy Holidays

  10. If I won, I would buy myself a GOOD blow dryer. With hair that goes down to my bottom, it takes about 45 minutes to blow dry my hair fully so I NEVER do anything with my hair anymore. With three kids and a hubby, there is just no time for 45 minute blow dries. HAHA

  11. I’m going to lie & tell you I would buy an xmas dress but really I’d buy a gift for my hubby! Lol, I’m not working at the moment & so I’d like to buy him a gift from money he didn’t earn.

  12. I have been saving for a new cellphone so I would love to use the gift card towards that! Thanks for the chance!

  13. I would buy one of those wireless keyboards for my husband because he can’t figure out the OTT android tv box remote. so that I can stop pulling my hair out standing around scrolling through finding or typing what he wants to watch. So really, it’s a gift for me :D

  14. I would get myself a new fitness tracker as my previous one broke a few weeks ago. It really kept me motivated so this is something that I will buy for myself.

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