The Human Touch to Booking Travel Online

Taking time to plan any travel is a very big deal for me! Frankly, while I really enjoy researching websites and comparing prices it can be VERY frustrating and there’s a part of me that doesn’t trust that the resort is actually as beautiful as it looks on the screen.

Last month I announced that I am now a proud Travel Ambassador for which means that I get to bring insider info to my readers and share why I choose to book my holidays through I’ve been a customer for years and this is SUPER exciting for me!


Years ago when booking vacations online was new, I booked a super cheap holiday to the Dominican Republic and when we arrived we were sorely disappointed. The resort looked in disrepair, dirty and understaffed. That week I learned the hard way that going the cheapest route wasn’t always the best choice and to always try to get insight from someone who has actually been to the resort.

These days I book through which is not just an online booking travel agency, they’re also a bricks and mortar operation with locations in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Here in my small suburban town we have a office where I can go in and actually speak to reps who have been to the resorts I’m considering.

When I’ve had friends across the country who are booking with from towns without an office, they still receive the personal touch by using the online chat or phone options. This isn’t a call centre situation, these travel agents are real professionals who have actually been to the resorts you’re looking at and will give you their honest feedback and provide alternate options if they feel it’s not the best choice for what you’re looking for.

Doesn’t that sounds like it should be the norm? I certainly think so!

After using to book my trips for a long time, I’ve become good friends with my agent Sue Snider. She goes above and beyond for her clients, doing her best to ensure that their needs are met. Sue has had to tell me bad news as well, when my budget just didn’t match my resort of choice…and she managed to do so with grace and find us a location which did work for us.

Most recently I wanted to go away with my 2 daughters to an all-inclusive resort for a week and I was having issues deciding. I was using the all-inclusive vacations search function which is pretty fantastic! It allows you to sort resorts based on your interests, meal plan, duration, children/adults etc but I had more questions so I made a quick call to Sue.

soberjulie family travel all inclusive vacation

I wanted to know if the resort was going to be party central; what the mattresses would be like for my bad back…and many other little things that I just couldn’t find online. I didn’t really think Sue would be able to answer my questions but it turns out that she had been to our resort of choice and she didn’t feel it would be a fit for my tweens.

Instead she suggested Grand Sirenis Riveria Maya where she had been many times. This resort was recently updated so it hit the mark on all of my “needs”. With a lazy river, 2 buffets, a la carte restaurants, a coffee shop, dance lessons, table tennis, snorkelling, kayaking, 2 pools and an incredible white-sand beach it definitely was appropriate for the girls and I.

We enjoyed 7 days in this location, relaxing, laughing and making memories. Without Sue recommending the resort it wouldn’t have been on my radar.

love in the sun

Having that personal approach makes all of the difference. I feel confident to research vacations on the website and then call up the agent to double check everything before I actually book.

If you’re looking at planning a holiday, I suggest you check out the fabulous search options on and call an agent whose number shows at the top of the screen once you find a resort you’re interested in. They’ve actually been there and can answer questions that may not be available anywhere online.

With the human touch to booking travel is valuable!

Disclosure: I am a Travel Ambassador for, a customer for years, but all opinions are my own.


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15 Responses

  1. I love when you get personal service AND the convenience of booking online. That is a double bonus. Your photos look amazing – will definitely check out the resort for our family.

    1. It was a lovely resort…and I wouldn’t have found it without Sue. I always have little questions that come up over time before we leave and I appreciate being able to contact her

  2. It’s nice to have a PERSON help us. Especially with a big expense such as a trip. Sue did you right with Grand Sirens, I was in awe with all of your social media postings. I have saved it to my “bucket list” and I really want to try out that lazy river. is great! Holidays should be personal!

    1. Thanks, Randa! We love hearing about happy customers that loved their vacations after some of our recommendations – and we so loved following Julie’s social posts while she was away.

  3. That’s awesome, I love that you can speak to someone with true knowledge of a location you’re interested in, who is also truly “in-the-know” about all things travel!

    And I love your vacay photos hun, truly a beautiful family! <3

  4. It’s great to read more about this and how it was for you. I love all of the photos, they really do inspire me to want to get out with nature and have a little away time!

  5. I think these days having an actual personal interaction with the customer service you receive is really cool. Especially with booking a vacation! Having knowledgeable recommendations by the staff is impressive too. It sounds like this is really a great company to book a vacation with. I can see your resort was gorgeous!

  6. First, congratulations on your ambassadorship. That is very exciting. Second, I love the personal touch you describe with It should be the norm as you say. I love that you can speak to someone who has actually been to the resort you are considering. That seems rare now-a-days.

    1. I admit, I have anxiety when it comes to booking trips online! I have done it before but I am not sure what some places have to offer.

  7. Sometimes I don’t know if I can trust the reviews online so I like the fact that travel advisors are still available to discuss options and to give their advice.

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