Newstalk 1010 Visit with Barb DiGiulio …I’ve Caught the Bug!

Yesterday I checked something off of my bucket list…or I thought it was gone. Not so long ago my husband and I went into Toronto (we live in the ‘burbs about 45 mintues drive away) to take a tour of our friend Chris’ workplace. Chris works at Newstalk 1010 radio which is a station we’d listened to for years. As a blogger I’ve been someone who strives to stay relevant and convey opinions on current topics and bring those forward to you all here. Newstalk 1010 is one of the sources I seek out daily to stay in the know…so you can imagine my excitement when following our tour I was invited to be a guest on Barb DiGiulio’s Night Side round table discussion last night.

soberjulie barb digiulio

In my life I’ve had the opportunity to be on TV, do public speaking and have never shied away from being upfront and embracing opportunities but radio…now that was the dream. As a latch-key kid of the ’70s I watched WKRP in Cincinatti every evening and dreamed of the day I’d have a mic in front of my face. Lawdy what a dream to have come true! Barb’s show is witty, current and the round table would mean a discussion of current topics. Should really be like a convo on a couch right?

It is and it isn’t. As I sat in the studio with the mic on my face, aware that cameras were on me for online viewers…I realized I had no idea when to interrupt, not…and well the ins and outs of the actual show were a bit beyond me. I was excited and nervous but within a short time I seemed to throw all of those concerns out the window as I became immersed in the conversation.

Tonight I was on Newstalk 1010 the Night Side and have fallen in love with radio Now that’s a cool Friday night

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It was a GREAT evening, and I can’t thank Newstalk 1010 and The Night Side enough for having me on. You can listen to the show HERE and click December 18th…go on, I promise you it’s entertaining. We discussed things like hockey parents being required to take a good behavior course; posting breastfeeding photos on social media and not having sex simply to please your spouse.

The thing is…I thought I was going to leave the station crossing off a bucket list item and yet here I am left wanting MORE. I’m feeling this massive pull to do more radio! I feel like I have something to say; that I could be the conduit for conversations to take place which may not otherwise. I feel like this actually IS where I’m meant to be…

So I’m putting it out there to y’all who have been reading for a while or have seen me speak. Do YOU think I’ve got something you’d want to listen to? Can you see yourself listening on a regular basis if I were given the chance to have a radio show?


I’m not entirely certain what the premis of the show would be…but I can promise you that it would be current, share the views of this 40-something woman and hopefully inspire…

Better yet…I’m being bold here! Pulling up my yoga-pants and standing in my super-hero post…I’m going to outright say that I would love to do it again!

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  1. Wow! Julie, I can totally see you doing radio on a regular basis! You definitely have ever a knack for speaking in public and you definitely have the character for it! Follow your heart and your dreams! Can totally envision you doing this more!!!

  2. This feeling you are having about KNOWING what you want to do is one most people hope their whole lives for. I still don’t know but I am so happy you have found something to pursue. You would be fantastic as you are with everything you do. Your Your honesty Your honesty and Your honesty and sense Your honesty and sense of humour will make you shine.

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