Have a Hate-On for Having Your Photo Taken? Drop that Nonsense!

Every time there’s a Holiday there is a section of the population who cringes…not because they don’t love the Holiday but because they know that they’ll have to participate in something that makes their skin crawl…having their photo taken! Deep within their being they just plain hate having their photo taken. Do you feel that horrible feeling when it’s time for your photo to be taken; do you try to avoid it as much as possible?

Let’s take a moment here, grab a cuppa coffee and chat about this hate-on for photos. The fact is that we’re going to eventually have our photo taken and life would be easier if we could just accept it and choose to overlook how we feel about how we look. Seriously for a moment, imagine if you could just drop those worries like taking off a coat? You’d feel lighter, less annoyed and heck you may even have some positive things to say to your own damned self that day.

Have a Hate-On for Having Your Photo Taken? Drop that Nonsense!

I write that because I know what you say to yourself if/when you see yourself in photos because I do it too! With my job I’m photographed quite a bit and each and every one I look at I’m analyzing myself rather than reliving the moment. Each and every aspect of myself is looked over; the too-yellow teeth, the bumps and rolls and my turtle neck haunts me. It’s all simply too much to digest…

hate on for having photo taken soberjulie

In this photo you may see a family having a good time…which is exactly what we were doing in the moment and yet when I reviewed the photos later my eyes were only drawn to myself. My double chin plagued me, my teeth…so many things were running through my mind until I saw the look on my daughter’s face as she poked her finger into my husband’s ear. That caused me to stop a moment and look at the photo again as I began to FEEL the moment again.

soberjulie photo

This is a recent photo of my husband and I in Grand Turk. Look at the gorgeous location, imagine the moment and how glorious it felt and yet my 1st instinct when I saw it was to tear myself apart!

What IF you decided to give up your Hate-On for having your photo taken? What IF??

The worst that will happen is that the moment when someone wants to take your photo will not become some kind of side-show where they’re cajoling you into it. You won’t be the centre of attention as they encourage you repeatedly. The resulting photo may have some of your flaws visible and yes it may end up on social media…but what then?

Will the world end or more likely will you be seen by family and friends having a good time somewhere. Do you really think that people over-analyze your photo the way you do?

Here’s something I’ve learned as I’ve been aging…I’m just not that important to others. GASP! Yes it’s true…when folks look at my photo I’m just not important enough for them to spend time checking it the way I do. IF there is someone out there who is looking at a photo of me or someone else and they feel the need to think negatively…well honey let’s just say they may need a big HUG and a chat over coffee to get their own issues in order.

Normally when people look at an event photo with people in it they aren’t actually as focused upon the look of a person but more so the feeling of the event. If you choose to remove yourself from being in the photos it’s as if you weren’t there and that’s kinda sad.

This Holiday season get in front of the bloody camera! Challenge yourself to focus on the bright light that’s inside of you rather than those imperfections that you’re seeing. Don’t push your body behind someone in front, don’t tilt that chin at a crazy angle…just do YOU and do it LOUDLY!

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8 Responses

  1. I am this person. I think my husband and I have less than 10 photos together and my child and I have very little as well.

    I think this would be a great goal to have for 2016 (and the rest of 2015). Thanks :)

  2. My husband is exactly the same. He hates being in photos! I always tell him he might not like his photo picture taken but his kids will appreciate it in the future! It is a copy of our past, our time together!! We should treasure it!

  3. Pretty sure I have not appeared in a photo since about 1998,I think that was for my license, and I don’t mind. I really really hate having my picture taken

  4. I never liked having my photo taken, I always felt I looked horrible, but the people taking the picture don’t feel that way and they want my picture for the memories they will have of me. Acceptance of ourselves can be a very hard thing to get over!

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