Summer Activites at Blue Mountain

Our Summer has begun with a bang! I arrived home from an amazing trip to Banff just in time to close out the school year and get the girls packed to head off for a 2 night stay at Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood, Ontario.  If you’re from Ontario, chances are you’ve heard of Blue Mountain for winter activities such as snowboarding and skiing but believe me, there’s loads to do in the summer months at Blue Mountain.


Activities at Blue Mountain

Cascade Putting Course

The very first thing we did once we had settled into our rooms was the Cascade Putting Course. We girls really enjoyed our game! The course is well thought out, fun for all ages and has some pretty challenging holes…so says the woman who lost to both of her children.




Woodlot Low Ropes

Once we’d mastered the putting, we moved onto the Woodlot Low Ropes. This was a bit daunting for me, I have a SERIOUS fear of heights but was going to be brave for my girls who until this point didn’t even know about my issue. I wasn’t going to hold them back if I could help it. The Woodlot Low Ropes is made up of 3 courses which you navigate at your own pace.

A guide helped us into our gear and gave us safety instructions and off we went. Well…for a minute. It would seem that Chelsea may have inherited my fear of heights and she froze on the first aerial element. I walked her back to the front and a friendly guide immediately took her aside to encourage her. This girl convinced my Chelsea to give it another go and actually went through the entire course with her, at times holding her hand.

soberjulie-blue-mountain-low-ropes-teach soberjulie-blue-mountain-low-ropes


This was far above and beyond what I would have ever expected and the pride Chelsea felt at finishing was amazing. Sydney was our brave one, she sped through the course and finished asking to go again!


Open-Air Gondola

If you’d have asked me when we arrived if the Gondola would end up being our favourite, I’d never have answered yes. How wrong I was! The girls begged to go on a gondola ride up the mountain which was possible the LAST thing this girl would have chosen but of course I gave in. Within a few moments of the ride, I had fallen in love. We could see so far away…it was lovely. In that little gondola we gasped together and had a moment where it was just us.



At the top of the hill there are hiking and biking trails, a spot to grab a bite and some wonderful look out spots. We enjoyed our time there and then enjoyed descending. We liked it so much, we went again the next day.

Plunge Waterpark

Plunge! is an aquatic play centre located in the Village right next to the Westin Trillium House where we stayed. It’s theme is a cottage-styled boathouses.  Plunge has indoor-outdoor pools, indoor water playground, hot tubs, rope swings, docks and slides! They even provide towels and lockers so all we’ll had to bring was our swimsuits!

We had so much fun that I forgot to snap photos. I would recommend bringing your goggles if you have sensitive eyes, as with all public pools it’s just a good idea.

Wind Rider Triple Zips

This one was out of our wheel-house…ok truth is we were too scared to give it a go. We are girls who like to have 2 feet firmly planted on the ground and the thought of zipping along at 50km/h at heights of 15 metres above the ground was too much for us. It looked amazing if you’re braver than we are.

Mountain Biking

Blue Mountain has taken advantage of the landscape by creating 16 fantastic mountain biking trails. This is a very popular destination for riders of all abilities. Blue Mountain has a variety of park passes, lift tickets, lessons, packages and more that make it easy to get on the trails. Let me just say, watching the bikes go up the gondola with the riders in another lift made me wish I was brave enough to rent a bike.


These are just a few of the activities which are available at Blue Mountain during the Summer months, there are many more which you can see on their website.  You can purchase an Active Pass in order to save some money, read about it HERE. With only 90 days of Summer, why not head to Blue Mountain where you may just find yourself having a ball!

Disclosure: In exchange for sharing our experience, Blue Mountain provided accommodations, food and activities during our stay. All opinions are my own.

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