Fuji X-A2 Review and a GIVEAWAY! #FujiMoms

I have been in love with photography since I was a child. I had an uncle who was a photographer and I remember the few times he allowed me into his darkroom while he worked being fascinating. Seeing the images appear on the paper…well it was simply brilliant to me. As time has gone along, technology has changed but my love for capturing a moment or place has not. My photography equipment has gone from a simple point and shoot all the way to my beloved DSLR with a big learning curve along the way.

It took me ages to purchase my DSLR, during which time I read everything I could about using it. Once I’d bought it, I had to take courses to learn the in-depth technology and theory behind the stunning photos I dreamt of taking. The reality of a DSLR is that there is a learning curve which can be intimidating, it’s bulky and lenses are expensive. For many of us this makes it an illogical choice when buying a camera…but what is there on the market which will be convenient to carry around, simple to learn and take smashing shots?

Fuji X-A2 Review

fuji A-X2

Enter the Fuji X-A2…I was completely chuffed when I received an email from Fuji North American inviting me to try out the X-A2 and let you all know what I think. I’ve been using the X-A2 for three weeks now and to be honest there are so many features that I can’t possibly cover them all but I will focus upon the features which I feel are most relevant to you if you’re looking for a new camera coming from a point and shoot or a smart phone camera. All of the photos in this review are unedited, shown exactly as they came from the camera.

Look and Feel

The Fuji X-A2 is much smaller and lighter than a typical DSLR but larger than some other entry-level cameras. With battery and camera card it weighs about 13.8 oz and the dimensions are 4.6 in. (W) x 2.6 in. (H) x 1.6 in. (D). This means it’s a convenient size when you’re on the road.

It comes your choice of a brown, black, or white leatherette covering, 16-50mm lens, lens hood and neck strap. I chose the white covering and have to say that I do dig the retro look. There is a hot shoe for an external flash (if you choose to buy one) and an internal pop-up flash on the top of the camera.

This camera feels great in my hand, with the moulded handgrip on the front and the wee thumb grip on the back it felt quite secure.  The 3″ high resolution LCD screen is made for selfie-lovers such as myself. It flips over to 175 degrees rotation, has face and eye detection which means you get selfies that are focused on the faces on the screen.

Below is a selfie I snapped while out shooting, unfortunately my glasses had a reflection of light but the focus is spot on my face…freckles and all.


The only change I’d request is to have a viewfinder somewhere on this camera. I’ve gotten used to peeking through that window and while the X-A2 has a “Bright Light” mode to brighten the LCD screen in direct sunlight, I prefer that little window. Call me a creature of habit if you will.

Ease of Use – Auto Setting

The first topic my friends touch on when we’re discussing cameras is the difficulty involved in using many cameras. If you’re not looking to go on courses in order to achieve great shots, the Fuji X-A2 is a fine choice. With the Auto setting, this camera really delivers amazing results.

When shooting in the Auto setting, the camera will automatically detect what’s happening in the scene and do the work of choosing the best setting for you from 58 scene modes. There are other modes such as aperture priority, shutter priority and even full manual control but for this review, I’ll focus on the Auto and some Advanced settings.

When you are shooting a person in Auto mode, the facial recognition will kick in and the camera will go to Portrait mode. The shot of Sydney below was taken in a low lighting room with a fireplace behind her. There’s NO way my phone would have achieved this lovely result. It reminds me of the lovely moments we enjoyed as a family on the May long weekend at Fern Resort in Orillia. We don’t get much time to just chill out together…these moments are lovely.

soberjulie-fuji-a-x2-review-auto-profileThe next image was taken in a shady spot where the light was bright behind Sydney. This is possibly my favourite photo of her I’ve ever taken and while I’d probably choose to lighten it a bit, the camera exceeded my expectations based upon the lighting situation. It was taken on a friends property at a fantastic outdoor birthday party, Sydney was impatient to get back to her friends but I managed to convince her to give me 1 minute on a swing.


The most impressive thing about the Fuji X-A2 is the photo quality, just look how crisp it is when I go up close and personal. I can see the light of Sydney’s eyes so clearly. With the size of the image file, the photos will look fantastic printed.


This shot of Chelsea is lovely, the camera wanted to use Landscape mode first but once it recognized her face it quickly flipped over to Portrait. The sunset is just gorgeous on her little face isn’t it?


This beautiful shot was taken in Orillia, Ontario where we enjoyed watching a sunset as a family. I love how the camera caught the sun’s rays between the Muskoka chairs. The camera switched to Landscape mode and when I moved the screen to the water afterwards, it automatically flipped to the Moving Object mode.


This shot at the dock shows off the brilliant colours the X-A2 achieves, with the different lighting other cameras wouldn’t handle it as well. Remember, this is completely unedited except to add a watermark.


Next up is probably my favourite setting to play with, Macro. Again, I had the camera set to Auto and it adjusted to the Macro setting as I got within close range of the subject. How cute is this wee hedgehog? We met him on our family trip in Orillia when the kids went to a zoo show. No we didn’t get a hedgehog…yet.


I have also been visiting one of my favourite locations…the garden centre! Yes Spring is here and I just love getting my hands dirty planting gardens. Being in the garden centre affords me a sense of peace, surrounded by the colours and smells I can feel myself relax.



There are also Action and Nighttime settings which will function in Auto mode if the circumstances are right for it.

Advanced Function on Fuji X-A2

The X-A2 has a nifty setting for advanced functions. These photos below were taken while we were going for a walk in Alton, Ontario. The top image is on Auto and while it’s lovely, the image below was taken using the Colour Pop function on the Advanced setting and is much brighter.


This lantern below was so neat, the left is on Auto and the right was taken using the Toy camera function in the Advanced settings. I really like how it accentuates the rugged aged look of the lantern.


Here I used Auto on the left, Colour Pop in the middle and the right was the Advanced setting with the green colour filter. 3 different images of the very same scene, all snapped within 1 minute, easy-peasy.


Uploading Photos To Your Phone

One of the most amazing features of the Fuji X-A2 is the ability to upload the photos directly from the camera to your phone by simply using the FujiFilm Camera App. This is super-simple and allows you to share to your social media directly in the moment. You need to be in an area with wifi on your phone with your phone wifi turned on.


Simply download the App, open it and set the camera to the Playback mode (where you see the phots you’ve already taken). Next press the fn button on the top and a Wireless Transfer menu will come up on screen. Choose how you want to transfer the images.


On your phone tap RECEIVE and then CONNECT. Choose the images you want to transfer, hit OK and it will begin to transfer. It’s that easy! Now that they’re on your phone, you can begin sharing your fantastic shots with friends!


If you’re on Instagram, have a look at the hashtags #MyFujiFilm or #FujiMoms to check out what others have been doing with this camera. The photos are simply amazing! I have officially fallen in love with the Fuji X-A2 as I’m sure you’ve guessed. It’s light enough to be comfortable in my purse, takes amazing photos and I can’t wait to keep learning more of what it can do! Don’t forget to follow FUJIFILM on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know!  

WIN a Fuji X-A2!!

I can’t believe it but my friends at Fuji Canada have given me 1 Fuji X-A2 to giveaway to one VERY lucky Canadian reader (excl Quebec). soberjulie-fuji-x-a2-review You must be 18 to enter, simply fill in the Giveaway Tools form below. Winner will be drawn on July 8th and will have 48 hours to respond.

Disclosure: I was provided product in order to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.

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356 Responses

  1. Really like the Multi-Target Auto Area AF. Being able to have
    multiple focus points to identify the subject automatically is important to capture the best picture!

  2. I like the lens and also the software that is in th camera looks like it would be fun to take pictures with.

  3. I love the Portrait Enhancer mode which makes skin look brighter, smoother and gives you a great complexion. I also like the auto focus feature

  4. I really like how it instantly recognizes 58 scene types and then selects the most appropriate settings.

  5. I think the 175° Tilting LCD screen & Intelligent Auto Focus is just awesome ! I cant wait to try it when I win ! :)

  6. Being able to easily switch to the Auto Macro mode for spectacular focusing is what is drawing me to this camera. The zoom & focus on mine is terrible and this is so crisp, so clear.

  7. i love how beautiful the auto feature makes your photos! I am a novice but would so love to upgrade to this and would be happy that my limited skills could use this and take amazing photos!

  8. I love that it is wireless for transferring pictures…there are so many great features though too :)

  9. I love that it takes pictures without much delay so you know you will catch those important moments

  10. I think it would be easier for me to tell you what I don’t love about this camera! ;) I LOVE the size of it and that it could do pretty darn close to what my ‘big camera’ can do without the huge bulky-ness. I’ve got 3 kids to tote around and they don’t tend to have many pictures because Mommy just doesn’t want to bring her big camera. This would be PERFECT!

  11. I love the size. To be able to take DSLR quality pics without lugging my giant cmaera everywhere. Also the app allowing to send to your phone and upload immediately.

  12. Such great sharp photos, especially the up close and macro photos! Love the ease of use ‘auto setting’. My old 3 mpx Canon is a dinosaur and I would love this replacement!

  13. The Advanced Filters for artistic photography looks really cool! I really like the miniature,toy camera and dynamic tone. I would love this camera and great review and photos Julie!

  14. Love that it is a selfie ready camera :) and love that it has a fast multi-target autofocus

  15. The photos are stunning!! I am most interested in the ability to wirelessly transfer my photos!! How totally cool!! That alone would make it so much easier to share my photos seamlessly to my social media! LOVE IT!!

  16. Im most interested in the 175° Tilting LCD screen & Intelligent Auto Focus so I can manouver it around above my head etc to get the right shot.

  17. I would love all of the “auto” settings and features – the quality of the pictures and the feature where it takes continuous pictures

  18. The picture quality that X-A2 delivers is beautiful and clear and I love the 175° Tilting LCD screen & Intelligent Auto Focus function :) Who doesn’t love selfies!

    PS I love the hedgehog and your kids are cute!

  19. I think it is great that the Fuji X-A2 has the functions of DSLR but can fit in your pocket.
    And not many cameras have a flip up LCD screen which is perfect for selfies or vlogging


  20. I love the wireless image transfer, makes it easy to quickly share your photos and movies on social media. That is great no more lost cord problems

  21. As a food blogger I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the wireless image transfer! This would make tweeting and even instagraming certain photos that I want to have available to be readers and followers a breeze!

    Really hoping to win! :D

  22. I love that it will deliver X Series Color and image quality and I can see this excellent quality in your pictures you have posted here. I love the Astia/soft and the Velvia/vivid settings.

  23. I like that it has eye detection. It makes the pictures more focused.
    Totally impressed by that frog btw.

  24. The LCD screen that flips up 175° …great for taking photos without finding someone to help you take it for you.

  25. I love the 175° Tilting LCD screen & Intelligent Auto Focus feature. It would make picture taking so much easier.

  26. I love the tilting screen, it will help me ensure that every pic I take at any angle is exactly what I want! Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. I love the fact that it is quite light and delivers simple operation and photographing versatility, hubby has a super duper camera that is way too complicated and heavy for me!

  28. The long life battery because there is nothing worse than your batteries giving out in the middle of taking really great pictures.

  29. I like that you say it is easy to carry and light weight. I have been looking into buying a camera for over a year now, but there are so many on the market and they are all so intimidating these day with all the new features. I really just want an easy to use point ad shoot exactly like you describe in your review.

  30. The tilting screen! That is awesome to take selfies with little ones and make them more artistic portraits.

  31. I really like the wireless image transfer option! I’m on the go and need to post my photos to my social media outlets in real time. This gives me options. Brilliant!

  32. I really like the Fast multi-target autofocus makes sure you always capture your subject perfectly ,even if there’s more than one., feature.

  33. I think the Portrait Enhancer mode is cool. I love the idea of my skin looking brighter and smoother. NIce!

  34. Long battery life because that’s a must here, and also the Fast multi-target autofocus makes sure you always capture your subject perfectly – even if there’s more than one interests me. I’m usually getting kids and dogs, often several at a time. :)

  35. I love the long lasting battery, the screen that flips, how amazing the pictures are but what I really love is Automatically transfer and save photos on your PC that is awesome, thanks for the amazing chance

  36. I love it all,I want this camera,,it would be such an upgrade from my old piece of junk!.lol..I especially like the 175° Tilting LCD screen & Intelligent Auto Focus

  37. The multi target auto focus, much better then my iPad I have to keep using so grainy, btw, when my oldest was your daughters age she did the snake up to my face. I also screamed.

  38. buttons and dials that are positioned on the right-hand side of the camera for a stable grip and easy one-handed operation

  39. The feature I like is the wireless image transfer – that would be handy! Love the quality of the pictures!

  40. From an older women’s “Point of View” – pardon the pun – jiggly- the auto-focus feature would be paramount. However, my 11 year old Evan seems quite impressed because the camera is designed to take better selfies, 175° tilting LCD screen. Gee.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  41. I love the size of it – all the quality of a DSLR but in such a small package – I want to take it travelling!

  42. I love that it has Faster AF speeds for close-up shots and low-contrast conditions. I find this is a problem for me with my current camera so I’d love to see how well it works!

  43. Everything about this camera is dream worthy. I’d love to own such a lovely piece of equipment. I like that it is 16.3 megapixels and that it is wireless.

  44. Wow, this camera is amazing. The only thing it doesn’t do is make dinner. But seriously, amazing features. I love the Multi-Target Auto Area AF captures your subject every time . I think even I might be able to take some great shots with this baby. Thanks for the review and the giveaway! ps. Your photos are amazing!

  45. I love how you can access all of the features and functions of the camera on one side with just one hand. It makes taking the right photo much simpler.

  46. There are a couple features I really like.

    1. The advanced color pop is wonderful.

    2. Facial recognition and that it recognizes landscapes, moving object, faces, etc.

    3. Love that you can upload to your cellphone. WOW

  47. I love that it has the wireless transfer of pics capability. I love the pictures my dslr takes but hate having to wait till I get home to upload and share.

  48. I like the Wide range of functions that deliver simple operation and photographing versatility like the advanced SR Auto.

  49. I love the Wireless functions Geotagging setup, Image transfer (Individual image / Selected multiple images), View & Obtain Images, PC Autosave, instax Printer Print

  50. I like the Fuji X-A2’s programmable Q Button for easy-access to quickly recall 16 frequently used settings.

  51. So many things to like: the lightness factor (sick of carrying around a DSLR) the tilt screen for interesting angles, and the wireless transfer all are pluses in my book :)

  52. I love the tilting LCD screen, it allows for taking pics of things go can’t get an eyeball on! Wonderful!

  53. This would be an excellent DSLR to get me taking photographs again. (As opposed to pictures!)

  54. I really like the Intelligent Auto Focus feature of the Fujifilm X-A2. Thanks for sponsoring this awesome giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  55. This camera feels like a smart camera and SLR put together, but, I really like the smart flash, delivering just the right amount of light and the quick shutter response! I love this camera!!!

  56. I absolutely love the look of this camera! I also love how it auto selects from one of 58 scene types!

  57. I love that the LCD screen that flips up 175°, so convenient! This way you know you’re getting the perfect shot :)

  58. With three kids always on the move the fast multi-target autofocus is a feature that really draws me.

  59. “The Film Simulation function allows you to enjoy advanced color reproduction and tone, just as if you are using film. The new CLASSIC CHROME mode, characterized by deep colors and rich tones, is included to broaden your options.”

    I love this feature. The example picture is beautiful and it is so difficult to get a good pic with such high contrast of light and dark. I can hardly wait to get a chance to play with this camera!!

  60. The feature I’m most excited about it the macro and video feature. Love taking photos of snowflakes and this Carmen has the macro feature which I’m excited about. The video is convient when on holidays both camera and video no extras needed. This is an amazing camera. Great prize to win.
    *fingers crossed *

  61. The wireless image transfer is what I am looking forward to add to my next camera. Upload and share!

  62. The Wireless transmitter feature is very handy and convenient, saves the hassle of wire hookup or removing the memory chip. I like the retro black leatherette trim, reminds me of an old 35mm rangefinder I had, long before digital photography and long before the Internet. With that old non-slr, all you had was a viewfinder, where I coined the term “Point, shoot and pray” hoping that what you saw was what you got, or close to it.

  63. Being able to upload photos directly from the camera to my phone would be incredible. Being a first time mom, I’m still trying to manage it all and having one less task to fiddle with would be so helpful! Cheers @savvari from Twitter

  64. I love the tilting screen to make it easy to take selfies – up until now I have had no luck with these, so going to take a serious look at this camera!

  65. I am in love with the auto-macro function. That is something I do a lot of and is basically one of my favorite ways to photograph things. I love to photograph flowers and bugs. I love patterns and hyper-focused images. I also love playing with depth-of-field because I love the emphasis it places on what you wanted to photograph.

  66. The wireless image transfer is a blessing for amateurs Ike me! With 2 grand daughter’s, you can betcha I will be taking a lot of photos! Also, the quality of your photos is “sick” ;)

  67. I look forward to having a second body to go along with my X-A1 and the improvements that the X-A2 has over it (improved autofocus and the auto macro mode).

  68. I love the wireless image transfer – how convenient!? The high resolution tilting LCD is very cool too along with a the long battery life? The camera is perfect for a busy life!

  69. I love the Tilting LCD Screen & Intelligent auto Focus features. This camera has many more awesome features. It looks to be a great camera and I would love to have it.

  70. Headed over to the Fuji website and a feature of the X-A2 I am interested in is it’s Intelligent Auto Focus!

  71. I love everything about this camera!! But most especially the X Series Color & Image Quality. How fun to take pics in Mono Chrome or Sepia or use the Filters, like Soft Focus and Partial Color, without having to edit! And to send direct to my phone so I could share?! Yes please! :) Thanks for the chance!

  72. I really need the Fast multi-target autofocus, i usually have at least one child pulling on me when I am taking pictures.

  73. there are many features about this camera that I love, auto-focus, wifi, great flash, small and compact. But most of all it takes a fabulous picture. I am hardly a professional, so I need all the help I can get. Thanks for the chance

  74. The design is so sleek and almost has an antique feel to it!! The quality of the images is fantastic considering the size of the camera :)

  75. Also, I love the fact that the LCD screen flips up 175 degrees so you can take high qua lit selfies!!

  76. I think being able to choose the “Toy” function is neat… makes your images quite unique.

  77. I love the programmable Q Button is in an easy-access location for quickly recalling 16 settings.

  78. The tilting LCD screen, I think it would be handy for taking photos outside (those moments when there is so much glare on the screen you are pretty much shooting blind).

  79. Oh my goodness this camera looks amazing. So many features I want to try but the ones that stick out the most are color selection and wireless transfer!

  80. I love the fact you can transfer via a wifi setting and would love to try the double exposure setting.

  81. My favourite feature is the auto macro. I love gardening and flowers, and would love to get stunning photos of closeups. :o)

  82. I like everything about this camera, but especially the wireless transfer of photos to my phone where I can share immediately.

  83. …I Love Everything About This Camera but most of All the Fact that It Is – Light Weight – because of my Arthritis…Thank You !!!!

  84. I love that it has a wide lens to help you take selfies I am the worst selfie photographer in the world, I don’t know where to look or how to get far enough away from the camera.

  85. I like the Fast multi-target autofocus .. my 2 year old makes it hard to get a good picture! As soon as he sees me pull out my camera, he runs! :( lol

  86. The wireless image transfer would be great! I have got through 3 cameras by damaging them taking the disc in and out many times a day as I’m pic taking addict . Wireless would be perfect for me.

  87. The wireless transfer is really cool. I hate having to remember to make sure that I put the SD Card back into the camera after I had to take out to download pictures last time.

  88. I like the one-handed operation with a dedicated button for the frequency used self-timer function!

  89. 16.3 million pixels… wow finally a camera that I could make some poster prints with…. this a great looking camera with interchangeable lenses… I like the tilting lcd screen too…

  90. I like the fact that it is light-weight and easy to use. I am new to photography and would love to try this camera!

  91. battery life is one feature that i would love, with two kids i often forget to charge my devices

  92. i love 175° Tilting LCD screen & Intelligent Auto Focus. I want to be able to take the best selflies.

  93. As someone who uses her camera all day long, I absolutely love the long lasting battery life. Even my SLR has it’s down sides of the battery going out on me every now and then, haha

  94. I love the vintage look of the tan camera! The simplicity of the settings is important to me, as well as the low light capability. Thank you for offering this awesome giveaway!

  95. I’m really impressed with the camera’s sensor if it can take photos that are virtually noise and shake free especially in low light situations.

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