Mosquitos Bugging You? Enter to WIN a #GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer

The warmer months are upon us and while we love outdoor living, often times we are unable to enjoy it as much because of mosquitoes. They are a nuisance and also a danger as they carry some horrible viruses with them. We have tried so many ways to combat mosquitoes, from the zappers to bug sprays we have them all handy on our back deck.

Green Strike Mosquito Preventer

green strike


In 2004/2005 we underwent a West Nile virus scare here in Ontario. At that time, researchers began to run with the idea of creating a holistic, non-toxic artificial pond for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in. They were determined to reduce the 2nd generation of mosquitoes, not just kill the 1st.

Just 1 mosquito can quickly multiply up to 30,000 mosquitoes in 21 days!! GreenStrike’s Mosquito Preventer STOPS mosquito population growth BEFORE it starts. It lures in the female mosquitoes using patented, non-toxic lures and replicates a natural pond where females love to lay their eggs. They are drawn into the unit where they lay their eggs and leave behind a natural pheromone, which signals to other mosquitoes that it’s a prime location for egg-laying.


After a few days, the Mosquito Preventer flushes the eggs through a filter, trapping the eggs before they have a chance to hatch. Best of all, it targets the types of mosquitoes that can carry West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya Virus.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.47.05 AM

Thorough in-field studies prove that the Mosquito Preventer destroys approximately 20,000 eggs in 30 days resulting in approximately a 70% reduction of mosquito populations.

What’s different about GreenStrike’s Mosquito Preventer? It eliminates mosquitoes at the source! Other methods attempt to trap or catch the millions of mosquitoes that can be in your backyard but the Mosquito Preventer eliminates the hundreds of eggs laid by each of those mosquitoes.

GreenStrike’s Mosquito Preventer is available to purchase exclusively at Home Hardware, you can also keep up with them on Twitter or Facebook.

Enter to WIN a Green Strike Mosquito Preventer

green strike giveaway

The fine folks at GreenStrike have provided us with one Mosquito Preventer valued at $299 to give away to a Canadian Reader!!

This giveaway is open to Canadian residents, 19+ (excl Quebec) and will end on June 23rd, the winner will have 48 hours to respond. Good Luck!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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62 Responses

  1. Our backyard is an inside corner of a building, and we got a lot of bugs as the air hardly moves. Putting one of these in our backyard would absolutely attract the mosquitoes, as they seem to accumulate in our yard quite often through the summer.

  2. This appliance would be perfect for enjoying more BBQs in our yard. Id even take it when visiting our in-laws up North!

  3. I think this would be a better choice then turning the lights off on the front porch while trying to enjoy a coffee after the little one has gone to bed. Plus the lights off idea didn’t work.

  4. We would use it for our Sunday afternoon picnics. We like to have them, but the bugs are so bad.

  5. I live in newfoundland. flies are constantly bugging me :) Could totally use this at home and when camping.

  6. It would help us to spend more time outside. My children react horribly to mosquito bites (they welt up, sometimes the welts are the size of a softball!). Thanks for the chance.

  7. this would help us be able to stay outside and enjoy meals, a backyard fire in the fire pit, gardening, and just outdoor family time. WE love to be outdoors in the summer but hate mosquitoes and the bites and sores they cause(infections too-the last couple of years) Thanks for the chance!

  8. Our lot has large mature trees and shrubs, it’s pretty much impossible for us to enjoy any summer days outside. This looks like an amazing product

  9. Our backyard gets shaded earlier than most because of trees and a high fence.We have so many mosquitos you can’t stay outside long. So this would help so we could stay outside longer.

  10. We do SO SO much camping in the summer and its gotten to the point we cannot even go outside at night they are so bad. This would be a wonderful thing to have to help!

  11. The Green Strike Mosquito Preventer could definitely help our family enjoy the outdoors by decreasing the chance of being pestered by mosquitoes. We love BBQs and cool evenings under the stars, but fear the disease carried by mosquitoes and of course hate the annoyance which sucks the fun of outdoor family time.

  12. The GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer could help my family enjoy the outdoors by allowing us to spend time on the deck lounging or hosting bbqs without being attacked by mosquitoes constantly, and really allow us to relax outside.

  13. We love to sit out in the back at night with the lights, fountain and fire but most nights spray or no spray themosquitoes are so bad we have to go in so this would be awesome!

  14. when it is mosquito season, we hang out in the screen house. This product would bring us out. That would be nice.

  15. We put a deck on the house last summer and I am determined to enjoy it with my family this year (without mosquitoes!)

  16. Our property is surrounded by woods so when we go outside we are swarmed with mosquitos. We would love to be able to help this problem with no chemicals.

  17. This would be great since we get so many mosquitoes in the back yard and my 2 year old swells up so bad whenever he gets bit!

  18. We steer clear of our backyard in the evenings as the mosquitoes are so bad and hubby is allergic to their bites

  19. oh my the mosquito’s outside are insane…and to have this to help prevent them from coming would be great and enable the family to enjoy the outdoors more

  20. This would help my family enjoy the outdoors by keeping us from being devoured by mosquitoes, which are prevalent in our area.

  21. We go camping every year near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta; it’s a very wooded area & we get eaten alive for the whole week’s stay. It makes it difficult to enjoy eating at the picnic table also. The only time they seem to disappear is when our campfire is going. This would make our annual trip so much more enjoyable.

  22. I would give this to my Mother-In-Law, who lives in Northern Ontario. That way when the family gets together for all the summer outdoor BBQs, we will no longer get totally eaten by the bugs.

  23. We love to do BBQ and eat outside but it’s hard in the evening when the mosquitos come out so this would be a big help in preventing them from biting us!

  24. My son gets so many mosquito bites that he’s always afraid to go out in the early evening. This would help eliminate all the mosquitos around our place.

  25. My daughter hates bugs. She won’t sit outside because of the bugs – maybe this contraption would bring our family closer together, such that we could spend more time in the back yard in the evening!

  26. This would be awesome while enjoying our little hobby farm of chickens and ducks as well enjoying our bon fires. Nothing more annoying is mosquito’s while your having a good time.

  27. We enjoy outdoors to the fullest, mosquitos can be quite annoying at times. This would be a perfect solution

  28. I have a pet bird and a new BBQ, and I’d like to be able to put both outside (but not the bird on the BBQ, lol!) so I can enjoy both, but it’s so hard with all this rain and the mosquitoes. This would be a godsend!

  29. Mosquito Coast here on the prairies…oh so need one of these BADLY, so BADLY…thanks for the chance

  30. We get eaten alive every night on the deck. This would be a huge help to ensure the kids are safe and we aren’t stinky with bug spray.

  31. we love spending time outdoors at the cottage having our picnics and playing games or even reading books on the hammock. this GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer would help us be more at ease instead of feeling icky from all the bug spray lol

  32. Like everyone else, the ability to enjoy our yard, without swatting steady! I love the fact it attracts the females and targets the eggs! Brilliant!

  33. We could really use one of these! We have a lot of trees and bushes that seem to attract mosquitos, and my daughter always has bad reactions to mosquito bites. It would be great to be able to enjoy the outdoors without being covered in bug spray and worrying about how many bites she is getting!

  34. We want to be able to read and dine outside, but the mosquitoes are preventing us from doing that. I would love to try this out.

  35. Our town is the mosquito capital of Ontario. As soon as it is dusk we have to retreat inside the house. With this mosquito zapper we would be able to have an evening campfire.

  36. My daughter and I are allergic to mosquito bites. Our house backs on to a 3 acre meadow. The meadow has little water traps in it. We have a deck but these little demons get up on it. I’d use this Greenstrike Mosquito preventer up here on the deck to hopefully trick them all so they’d bugger off!

  37. I am one of those people that get bitten alive and then swell and itch non-stop. This mosquito preventer would be awesome on camping trips.

  38. My little ones really swell up after any bug bites, so this would be incredibly helpful on those warm summer nights when they want to enjoy the outdoors.

  39. I’d love to try this on our back patio. We like to hang out there in the evenings but the mosquitoes bug us:)

  40. The Mosquitos are so bad here in the bush that this would help us enjoy the great outdoors more!

  41. We could use this for sure!! We live in the country so bugs such as skeeters are a serious nuisance. Thanks for the opportunity in this awesome giveaway!

  42. It will give you the impression that it is making a significant difference by showing you it killed a few.

  43. I love being outside in the summer but HATE being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Having something that PREVENTS mosquitoes would get me outside more because less bugs = better time.

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