Simple, Inexpensive Fall Wreath Tutorial

Each season brings me a reason to get decorating! As Fall has arrived here in Ontario, I’ve begun decorating our front step. Unfortunately, our front entrance is less than what I’d like it to be and it’s not on the renovation list until next year so I live with what we have and try to ignore the defects which tend to draw my eye. With each seasonal project I have a budget which often hampers my dreams. Rather than getting down about it, I find ways to be frugal and still create a beautiful decor. One of the items I decided to make for our front entrance is a simple, inexpensive Fall wreath which I’m pleased with.

Simple, Inexpensive Fall Wreath Tutorial

Simple Inexpensive Fall Wreth

This wreath cost me just $8 to make and  I’m happy to show you how!

make a simple fall wreath

To begin I assembled my dollar store fall flowers and a 12″ grape vine wreath which I found at a local florist for $5. Because I made various wreaths with these flowers the actual cost of this wreath’s flowers was $3.

make a simple fall wreath wire

Each of the flowers has a wire stem which I cut to the length I wanted. I took 2 stems and ran them up one side of the wreath and secured them with wire from the dollar store. This looks really pretty and shows off the curve of the wreath.

make a simple fall wreath


Next I followed the steps above using the berries on top of the flowers, secured these with wires. Then I just took 3 of the larger flower heads and some leaves, cut the stems so that I could feed them through the grape vine wreath and wrap around it and twist at the head of the flower to secure.

soberjulie making fall wreath

I played with the idea of a ribbon bow but in the end I decided that my wreath didn’t need it.

That’s it, it’s super simple and inexpensive! Have you made any Fall decorations, if so please leave a link in the comments as I’m on the hunt for more!

For more Fall Wreath Tutorials Check these out!

Wreath Hop Graphic

From Left to Right:
Head on over to my friends blogs to see how each wreath is created, I’m sure you’ll find one which is PERFECT for your home!

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22 Responses

  1. I love this idea! Yes, simple is my style and I would love to make this and bring it out for the start of each Fall. I really want to build up my collection of fun wreaths. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. So perfect Julie! I love the colours you used! I love decorating for the seasons too, and I always try to stay on a budget. I think we people see something so pretty and colourful on a door, they feel so happy! Have a lovely week! Pinned and shared on my facebook page! Angie xo

  3. I love this and hooray for it being so easy! I’ll have to hit up the craft store soon for supplies to make this – thanks for sharing :)

  4. we love doing seasonal crafts in our house. only thing im not that great at are bows I cant make them look pretty. wreath is really nice.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve never made a wreath, but my dad has a lot of grape vines in his back yard that I could work with (after all of the grapes are gone lol)

  6. This is so pretty! I love fall and the colours! I think this will be my project for this week. I want to make a Halloween one as well. :)

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