Chicken IS a Super Food – Twitter Party Alert #ChickenSuperFood

As you all know I’m a HUGE fan of chicken and although I’m no longer the Chicken Farmers of Canada Health Ambassador I do happen to be part of their Digital Marketing team. Every now and again I’ll be updating you on some amazing recipes from the website, Twitter Parties and any information which is exciting in the world of chicken.

Chicken IS a Super Food


Since my late teens when I became more aware of healthy eating, I’ve purchased boneless, skinless chicken. I did this because I believed that chicken cooked with skin on is fattier…well I was flat out WRONG.

Chicken Farmers of Canada has informed me that a new study has shown that I can Cook Healthy Chicken with Skin On.

As part of a recent nutrition study undertaken by Chicken Farmers of Canada, full details to be released later this month, a remarkable breakthrough was discovered. While a skinless cut of chicken does contain less fat and calories, a skin-on cut can attain similar nutritional value if the skin is removed prior to consumption. This means that you can cook your chicken with the skin on, retaining all the moisture and flavour you love, and then remove it prior to serving to achieve essentially the same health benefit as a skinless cut.~Chicken Farmers of Canada

What? I can cook my chicken with the skin on and end up with meat that has less calories and fat? Yes, when cooking a chicken breast with skin the fat rolls off into the skin and is removed when you remove the skin before eating. Brilliant!

Find out more specifics about the study HERE.

Twitter Party Alert

Join us on March 27th at 9pm EST for the #ChickenSuperFood Twitter Party!



Date: Thursday, March 27, 2014
Time: 9 to 10 pm EST
Hashtag: #ChickenSuperFood
Host: @ChickenFarmers
Eligibility: Open to Canada

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