Learning to Surf on FlowRider – A MUST if You Get the Chance

While we were in Mexico we stayed at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort which has many activities but at the top of our list was learning to surf on the FlowRider. Living in Canada I’ve never had the opportunity to learn to surf so when I saw FlowRider on the list I gushed to my skateboarding/snowboarding husband all about it. He was immediately in, claiming that he couldn’t wait to ride the waves!

As a member of the TBex conference we were given a private lesson time early one morning with only 4 of us present to get our surfing on! The instructor was amazing, the skills this guy had blew me away. He would ride the wave on the surfboard, dive onto his belly without the board, and flip himself to standing…..unbelievable. Thankfully he had patience as well because we needed his guidance.

If ever you get the chance to learn to surf on FlowRider you simply MUST do it!

learning to surf with FlowRider

Boogie Board on FlowRider

The instructor gave us basic instructions on the boogie board first, and we enjoyed riding the waves on our stomachs for a while. He took us to the top of the FlowRider one at a time and gave a brief lesson, the key is to keep your elbows and forearms on the boogie board. You push down to go forwards, pull up to go backwards and lean left and right to go side to side.

learning to surf flow rider boogie board

Once I had my instruction I was off and ready to go…I jumped just over the crest of the wave and away I went.

boogie board on flowrider

What a RUSH! It wasn’t easy to control at first but I tightened my core and got to it. Soon enough I felt I had a bit of control and really enjoyed boogie boarding on FlowRider.

soberjulie boogie board on flowrider

Learning to Surf on FlowRider

Once we’d all had a chance to boogie board, the instructor led us over to the other side of FlowRider (there was an inflatable separator) to learn to surf. By watching him, one would think it was simple but oh it’s not!

We began at the side of the FlowRider where the water force isn’t quite as hard. The instructor held our hands and helped us to get balanced on the board

soberjulie on flowrider brad on flowrider

Once we achieved a somewhat balanced state, he let us go and in my case I was up for a milli-second before a fantastic wipe out. My husband did have some tremendous wipe outs as well but in the end he was surfing!

learn to surf flowrider

He was much more of a surfer than I was so of course I made this video which includes clips of him falling…cuz I’m a wonderful wife. We really enjoyed FlowRider and I know you will too! Just flex those core muscles, find your balance and you’re off and running!

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  1. I absolutely love the FlowRider! Having surfed for a number of years, I was really surprised at how well it really made you feel like you were out it the ocean catching waves.

    Agreed, it’s definitely something that everyone needs to try at least once!

  2. that looks like so much fun! I would love to try that. Especially since i’m not a strong swimmer so surfing on the ocean and on real waves seems a bit daunting!

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