The BEST Day at Canada’s Wonderland #CWThrills

If you’re heading to Canada’s Wonderland, you’re in for some FUN! This is a HUGE theme park in Vaughan, Ontario which has been thrilling people since the gates opened in 1981.

This place is massive, to give you an idea of the magnitude the parking lot is over 3 million square feet with 10,300 parking spaces. It would be able to hold over 50 cruise ships. That’s crazy big and certainly an outing which you should plan in advance. Thankfully Canada’s Wonderland has a helpful planning  article which outlines park hours, maps, rides and more.

We recently headed out for a media event day at Canada’s Wonderland and had quite the crew with us. What is a better way to thank some wonderful friends than to take them for a day of FUN? In our party was my husband and myself, our 2 daughters and their friends who are 14 and 16.

Canada's Wonderland trip



With our group ranging in ages from 8 to 41 (yes that’s me!) one may think that we’d have a difficult time keeping everyone entertained but not at Canada’s Wonderland. There are things for all ages to enjoy at each and every turn of the park. You can see the map HERE to get an idea.

KidzVille and Planet Snoopy at Canada’s Wonderland

We began the day in KidzVille and Planet Snoopy where we found a number of rides for our timid 8 year old Chelsea. We always make time to enjoy these areas when we come and the kids were so happy to find they could reenact a photo from 3 years ago!

Canada's Wonderland Then & now


Chelsea enjoyed riding the Jumpin’ Jet, she had it all to herself to enjoy which was a lovely bonus of being in the park before it opened.

Canada's Wonderland kids


The next ride Sydney and Chelsea wanted to try was Blast Off! Sydney who is 10 was slightly rolling her eyes, acting as if the ride was too young for her. As you can see in the photo below, this ride had her laughing her head off and screaming….I suspect she may have enjoyed it.

Canada's Wonderland Blast offWonder Mountain’s Guardian at Canada’s Wonderland

This year Canada’s Wonderland introduced a new thrill ride, Wonder Mountain’s Guardian. This has a thrill rating of 4 and is an exicting, interactive ride. It’s built into the side of Wonder Mountain and is a 4-D experience we all loved.

Canada's Wonderland The GuardianWonder Mountain Guardian is AMAZING! We were taken into the depths of the mountain to find mythical creatures which we had to shoot and blast away to try and get to the dragon’s treasure. Just when we thought we’d defeated them all, we were faced with the massive dragon!

I’m not going to tell you what happens next because the shock of it is what made the ride fantastic for me.

Facing Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland

Next up was my husband’s choice and he chose Leviathan. We dropped the kids off to ride The Rage and we headed off to what my husband referred to as a ride I’d enjoy. He downplayed the fact that Leviathan is over 300 feet tall, has an 80 degree drop and hits speeds of 148 km/hr.

Canada's Wonderland Leviathan

Look how happy and confident I am here, obviously this is before I stared death in the face riding Leviathan. Apparently I am NOT a true thrill seeker as this ride scared the jeepers outta me!

Canada's Wonderland Leviathan startI’d very much like to tell you all that I conquered Leviathan but screaming like a baby probably doesn’t qualify!

Dimensions: A Cirque Experience

After almost losing my mind on Leviathan, we headed over to see a show. Dimensions: A Cirque Experience is offered 3 times daily and all of us were laughing, gasping and truly enjoying it.

Canada's Wonderland Dimensions.jpgThis is a fantastic show which begins with 2 funny characters who perform an interactive pre-show which had us in stitches.

Canada's Wonderland Dimensions show

The show itself is wonderful, the actors have amazing acrobatic abilities which they use to take you through time dimensions and locations around the world.

Funnel Cakes

After 7 hours at the park we were all feeling pretty tired and knew there was no way we could get to see everything there is to do at Canada’s Wonderland in just one day. We asked the group what the 1 thing they wanted to do before we left and everyone agreed we need to enjoy some Funnel Cakes.

funnel cakes canada's wonderland

If you’re looking for a fantastic day out in Ontario, you simply must consider a day at Canada’s Wonderland where you’ll laugh, scream and yes enjoy fantastic treats!

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  1. I actually worked at Canada’s Wonderland for one summer, and it was soooo fun. I had a free season’s pass with my job, and would go in before my shifts, and sometimes on my days off. It was great, although I did eat a lot of funnel cake that summer ;)

  2. I haven’t been in awhile so I enjoyed reading about your recent visit and all the cool stuff happening there now.

    and that is crazy about the parking lot!

  3. I am a 63 year old Canadian who has been to both Disney worlds twice, and I am ashamed to say I have never been to wonderland. Now That will be for us next year….thank you

  4. I grew up not far from Canada’s Wonderland so have been visiting since before I could walk. Still have a picture of

  5. I remember taking 3 of my children here about 11 yrs ago, they had a ton of fun. I don’t remember Funnel Cakes so I must have missed out on them :-(

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