Interacting With Dolphins at Atlantis Resort Dolphin Cay in Nassau

Last March our family took a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas and the one shore excursion I had my mind set on was visiting Dolphin Cay at Atlantis Resort in Nassau. Atlantis resort is amazing, our family enjoyed most of the day at Aquaventure then we headed to check out Dolphin Cay.


Dolphin Cay is one of the largest and most sophisticated marine habitats and animal rescue-rehabilitation facilities unlike anything in the world. The vast size of Dolphin Cay is beautiful, it is home to a 14-acre marine life exhibit with almost 7 million gallons of crystal clear seawater which is home for manta rays, sea lions and bottle nosed dolphins. The first residents of Dolphin Cay were 16 rescued dolphins, who were swept to sea during Hurricane Katrina from their previous home at the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Dolphin Cay has a variety of activities available, from interacting with dolphins, stingrays or sea lions to being a trainer for the day there are plenty of options which you can see on the Dolphin Cay website.

My husband and children were happy to find out there are amazing beaches at Dolphin Cay, we purchased the Observer & Beach pass for the 3 of them which allowed them a full day pass to the area.

On the secluded white sand beaches at Dolphin Cay, guests can lounge the day away as dolphins jump and play just a few feet from them. This exclusive pass includes beach-side service and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day. The beach pass allows guests to take part in our dolphin orientation program, designed to familiarize them with the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins of Atlantis—and prepare them for watching the thrills ahead. The Beach Pass is open to guests of all ages. Reservations are recommended.

The kids enjoyed lounging on the beach, watching the dolphins in the water surrounding them. It also gave them a great view to watch as I went to enjoy a Shallow Water Interaction with the Dolphins.

Interacting With Dolphins at Atlantis Resort Dolphin Cay

I have always dreamed of interacting with a dolphin, I am a HUGE water lover and these amazing creatures have always spoken to me. Dolphin Cay offers a shallow water interaction with the dolphins which I was eager to sign up for.

We began by being suited up in a wetsuit, this was actually my first time wearing one and I must say I felt smexy!

soberjulie dolphins

Next we were taken into a room to learn more about dolphins themselves and how they came to be at Atlantis. There is a wealth of information on the Dolphin Cay Eduction Centre if you’d like to learn more yourself.

It was time to go meet the dolphins, as we walked into the water there were many dolphins swimming around the trainers standing in the water. Our group was guided out by 2 trainers to a shallow spot at the side of our ‘pool’. We were introduced to the dolphins we’d be interacting with and cautioned to stay standing where the guide told us to, simply because the dolphins are VERY strong, fast and yes playful!

interacting with dolphins at atlantis

Each of the trainers stood at the ends of our line and were always within arms reach. The dolphins were beautiful and one was a wee but saucy. He was a younger dolphin who thought he could come and join in without being called upon. The trainer quickly explained that we must ignore him. At Dolphin Cay they deal with this behavior by not rewarding the dolphins, then when the dolphins are rewarded for good behaviors they learn.

After being ignored, he went a way to swim around a far-off trainer for a bit and when he was called he was much more relaxed. One at a time we were called forward by the trainers to have our interactions. I had the chance to high-five, rub a tummy and even kiss the dolphin!

Interacting with dolphins atlantis

Interacting with dolphins atlantis 2

Spending the afternoon learning about bottlenose dolphins and being able to interact with them was truly wonderful. These creatures continue to touch my heart with their gentleness, intelligence and mystery.

If ever you find yourself in Nassau this is one outing which I’d recommend. It’s like none other and will leave you with life-long memories.

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