A Unique Mother’s Day Gift for Your Culinary Goddess – Chef Works to the Rescue

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and if you’re anything like me you’re avoiding having to head to a store to find that perfect gift. It’s not that I don’t like shopping, because we all know I love it…it’s because I want to find that perfect gift for my Mum.

Mother’s Day gifts were so much simpler when I was young, just pour my heart into a craft or a piece of artwork and VOILA, Mum was in tears. These days it’s not as simple and I surely won’t get away with some finger painting.

Ok truth: my Mum would probably frame a finger painted piece of art from me now, but she’s soppy like that. Hey the woman had my cast from my broken arm in Grade 3 up until a few years ago….she’s a sentimental one is my Mum.

When I was lamenting about this to my husband he glared at me with that dead eyed “silly Julie” look he gets now and again. Once I stopped my verbal diarrhea, he kindly pointed out that he has the challenge of finding a gift from the kids from someone who also seems to have everything she wants right now.

Huh. Guess I hadn’t thought of that until that moment. Feeling a bit selfish (how much do you hate when that happens!), I quickly began thinking of things I would like that my own children would enjoy gifting me. My listed ended up being totally out-of-the-box, I listed things which I wouldn’t normally think of so they could have fun with it.

Chef Works for Mother’s Day

I am someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen creating delicious concoctions for my family to enjoy. This means that I am often covered in ingredients as I whip things together. I have a few aprons which are well-used but the one item I’ve been coveting since spending time in kitchens with chefs is a proper chef’s jacket.

download (3)

Chef Works is the only international culinary apparel company which provides answers to anyone who is passionate about food Generally this is for professional chefs, but after looking through their catalogue I think this is the perfect unique gift for any Culinary Goddess.

Chef Works has a large catalogue of apparel and knives. The choices are endless, whether you are shopping for a Mother’s Day gift or for outfitting kitchen staff there is a large variety which can also be personalized.

Chef Works Review

The fine folks at Chef Works caught onto my love of their products on Twitter (follow them @ChefWorks) and kindly sent along a care package for me to review.

They included a V-series Verona Women’s Chef Coat, a Women’s Total Vent Beanie and the Women’s Comfi Pants.

sober julie in the kitchen

The Chef Coat is everything I’d hoped for, from the moment I put it on it just felt right. The fabric is a light poly/cotton fabric which is made to “breathe” as I work in the kitchen. The coat has Chef Works Cool Vent™ underarm and back sleeve panels which add to the comfort. It’s stylish and functional for my messy needs.

The Women’s Comfi pants really are comfy! They are a 65/35 poly/cotton blend which feels just like I’m wearing my favourite Yoga pants while whipping up something delicious.

The beanie is made of the same material and felt just fine on my noggin. These certainly aren’t the itchy”uniforms” of my days working in restaurants years ago! These products from Chef Works are well thought out and the fabric feels great upon my skin which is important when you’re in the heat of the kitchen.


The coat, beanie and pants all have utilitarian factors which far surpass what I’d need but really it’s all about the feeling I got when I put the gear on. Fact is that I may never need a full “uniform” while working in my own kitchen simply because I’m not in there for 8 hours at a time, but it sure feels great to be in the Chef Works apparel.

chef works Collage

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your Mother who loves to cook, check out Chef Works on Facebook, Twitter or their website to get some ideas. There are plenty of choices of styles and patterns to delight that special person on your list!

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