Reviewing the Keurig Brewer from Staples

I am a lover of coffee, combine this with the urge for instant gratification and you’ll understand why I was excited to hear that Staples Canada wanted to send me a Keurig Elite Single Serve Brewing System to review.

Who knew that Staples now carries the Keurig Brewers and Kcups?

I actually blogged about my love of Keurig 2 years ago when we bought our first brewer which has since hit the dust from over use, so of course I jumped on the chance to have a new brewer and some kcups in exchange for sharing my opinion.

Keurig Elite Brewer from Staples

The scent of coffee is forever imprinted upon my person as an identifier of my Daddy and my husband. Isn’t that lovely, for the rest of my life anytime someone brews a coffee or stirs an instant cup my mind is drawn to think of the two men in my life I love the most.

As a child living in a small commuter town North of Toronto the first sound to greet me early every morning would be the rhythmic tinkle of my Father’s spoon hitting the sides of his coffee cup. Before the sound had a chance to make its way through the sleepy haze of my brain, the scent of coffee would waft through our small house to gently prod at me cuddled in my bed.

As far back as I can remember my Father arose an hour before my Mum, sister and I and prepared for his hour-long commute into the city in relative silence. Still to this day I can recall his routine which rarely wavered but always began with his cup of coffee.

I would lie there listening to Daddy move around the house, warm and cozy in my squeaky old bed waking slowly imagining all of the fantastic things I just KNEW each day would bring. Once I heard my Daddy stir his second cup of coffee I knew it was safe to get out of bed and interact with him for a snippit of time before he went to his adult world of machines and math as an Engineer.

Fast forward 20 odd years and you’ll find me at the age of 27 not yet loving coffee. It wasn’t until I began dating my husband that I bothered trying coffee. I had a job which had me waiting for the train in the winter and my super-attentive boyfriend would wait with me, handing me his coffee to keep my hands warm. This may have been one of the reasons I married him…that and the fact he didn’t mind when I began sipping his morning java to keep warm.

Keurig Brewer Produces a Fine Cup of Coffee FAST

It was then that my love of coffee bloomed fully and now at the age of 40 I greet each day with a cup. The Keuirg brewer holds a prime piece of real estate in my kitchen, it’s the first gadget I reach for each morning as I struggle to greet the day with a smile.

cup of coffee brewed by Keurig Brewer

The Keurig is quick, it brews me a perfect cup of coffee in under one minute with very little preparation! There is a large variety of choices when it comes to the beverages it brews…my personal choice is a strong coffee but there are teas, hot cocoas, iced beverages and more.

If you are like me and want your coffee brewed quickly and yet deliciously this is the machine for you. It’s simple to set up, just fill the water reservior, load in your choice of k cup, place your cup under the spout, and hit the brew button appropriate to the size of your cup.

The Keurig Elite Single Serve Brewing System has three cup sizes to choose from, a 6oz, 8oz or 10oz cup of coffee at the touch of a button & the removable drip tray which allows for easy cleaning.

With a retail price of just $99 at Staples this brewer is a relatively inexpensive choice for anyone looking to brew a single cup of coffee which is delicious every time.

How about you, are you a coffee lover who wants a fast, reliable brewer on your counter each morning?

Disclosure: provided met with these items for review. The thoughts and opinions  expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of Keurig Coffee Makers and Kcups online.

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5 Responses

  1. I LOVE the convience of a Keurig – but the cost of each cup is a little detering for me to actually move away from my drip coffee maker…

    1. You’re not wrong but they also have a device called “My Kcup” which fits into the machine and allows you to scoop in regular coffee to brew with!

      1. The My K-Cup was the first thing I bought after getting my Keurig. I am kinda addicted to my particular brand of coffee and saving $$.

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