Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree Decorating & Arguing

Merry Christmas

There are 23 days until Christmas!! If you’re anything like me you’ve begun preparing. Every year I think I have all of the planning taken care of but at the last minute I realize I’ve forgotten something. I’ve given up fighting this, no matter how well organized I feel I am; it always happens.

This past weekend we decorated the Christmas tree. We are heading to Walt Disney World for Christmas but that doesn’t mean we have to skip the fun, festive feeling a Christmas tree brings us before we leave and I’m pretty sure our house sitter will like it.

Sydney Christmas

Decorating the tree always includes laughing, bickering and fond memories of years gone by. The girls were quickly into their typical antics of arguing debating and negotiating where each decoration would be placed. Why is it that I never see Christmas cards with families bickering on them?

As my husband and I deflected little resentment, ignored wails of frustration and rose above the challenging beings our little girls can be, we began to feel the Christmas spirit. At one point as I was snapping away, I realized my husband was singing along with our Justin Bieber CD; you know I’ve stored that one away to mock him for years to come.

Christmas Tree Decoration

I’m also sure he’ll adore this photo of him I’ve chosen, he looks all rugged and unshaven. Why is it that a man who is working is so attractive?

Christmas Stocking

Always fashion-forward, Miss Chelsea got into the action with the stockings. Who knew they could look so good?

So here it is, our lovely tree! With a bit of effort, a lot of refereeing we think it’s beautiful.

Christmas Tree

As you prepare for your holiday festivities just remember that emotions are high….believe me when I say it’s not worth engaging in the little battles. Keep your parental game face on, it feels as though I remind myself of that quite often lately.

Don’t forget I’ve launched my book Mocktails & More which is filled with delicious Christmas Mocktail recipes for the holiday season. You can buy it here, it begins at a very low price and is suitable for anyone on your list. We are having a Twitter Party #HolidayMocktails on Tuesday evening at 9pm EST, would love to see you there. You can RSVP to win prizes too!

Mocktails How are your Christmas preparations coming along, did you get anything crossed off of your list this weekend?


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Merry Christmas

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3 Responses

  1. Our tree is up too! But I’m pretty anal about it, so I prefer to do it myself. Nicholas used to help when he was little, but then I’d move all the decorations once he went to bed. Michael was going to help today, but he got distracted by the laptop, so I got to do the tree my way and in peace :)

    And yes, I realise I need to chill out

  2. Beautiful tree! My three kids love to debate aka argue/bicker over where the decorations go. It’s mostly because my oldest (and only) daughter is a perfectionist and my two sons (ages 4 & 6) could care less as long as the tree is covered in decorations and shiny things! HAHA – love your tree, it is beautiful!

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