With Christmas coming I want to share with you as many fantastic products as I can.
Today I bring you an Etsy seller, Meghan Somerville from Frame Boutique.

“I am a Toronto-based jewelry designer who strives to create exquisite and elegantly handcrafted, eco-friendly and oftentimes, upcycled items. My jewelry embraces femininity through floral designs, colourful cabochon flowers & lace filigree while it also reclaims the masculine through whimsical moustache and upcycled tie necklaces.Most of my jewelry are statement pieces: über feminine, soft & min…imalist. I abide by the ‘everything in moderation’ rule of thumb; with jewelry, you don’t want to over do it. Sometimes wearing one ‘statement’ piece can express more about your personality than a few colourful items. I also don’t wear or create jewelry according to the seasons – I think floral designs can add a touch of warmth in the fall & winter months. With jewelry, my philosophy is not to limit yourself to a season, but rather pick pieces that are timeless, bold.”

I found Frame Boutique through Facebook when a friend referred their page to me, Frame Boutique’s pieces are lovely and priced affordably from $5 – $30.

Meg was kind enough to send me a few pieces to review, the first is a gorgeous red rose ring. I love the whimsy of this ring, it has the vintage feel which I love and still the fun factor!

Frame Boutique3

I also received a funky necklace, it is elegant and yet has a bit of punch!

Frame Boutique

The green in the pendant is fantastic, all different hues which catch the eye.

Frame Boutique2

Head on over to Frame Boutique on Etsy or Facebook and have a look, these are some wonderful gift ideas for your loved ones at reasonable prices. You can also find Meghan on Twitter at @FrameBoutique.

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