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Our family is crazy about games, there is nothing like an evening spent together laughing, scheming or in my husband’s case…cheating…cough. I really do cherish our time as a family with games, it’s refreshing to be able to keep our daughters attention and fully engage with one another.

With Christmas coming I’m on the hunt for GREAT games the family will enjoy, that is why I’m pleased to be able to present you with the chance to win a $250 Game/Puzzle Prize Pack from Outset Media.

Outset Media® is committed to developing games that create truly memorable social experiences and quality built puzzles. We manufacture games that are built to last, with quality construction and materials. And we spend many thoughtful hours developing games with engaging content, so you will want to play them over-and-over again. That is our commitment to you.


Outset Media is a Canadian company which of course gets my attention, they’re located in Victoria, BC and frankly I almost clapped when I saw their game titled Canadian Trivia Family Edition!


Canadian TriviaCanadian Trivia Boad

Canadian Trivia Family Edition is recommended for ages 8+ and can be played with 2-8 players. I know this would be a challenging game for our family, testing our knowledge of Canada. Thankfully Family Edition cards have two sides – one with easier questions and the other with more difficult questions, which would give me a fighting chance against my children.

This company seems like so much fun, they posted this video where they posed the trivia questions to folks on the street…..part of me is thankful that microphone wasn’t pointed at me! Honestly who knows what the largest rodent in Canada is???? Well I do now after watching….honestly check it out, you’ll be surprised what you don’t know.

I think we can all agree this game looks like it would be really fun, now how would you like to win a Games/Puzzle prize pack worth over $250? Yeah I thought that would go over well.

Entry is simple, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below! Open to US & Canada, ends December 3rd, 2012.

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 Thank you to Kidsumers ( for organizing this giveaway. 


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