CAA Gift Membership – A Fab Christmas Gift #CAASCO

I grew up in a small town and back then winters were brutal. We walked to school in snow up to our hips, uphill both ways…..ok I’m exaggerating but the snowfall was greater than it is today and my father commuted over an hour to Toronto for work each day. My Dad is a brilliant […]

Not So Blondie Brownie Recipe – With Hidden Veggies


I have a secret….well it’s not so secret because I tell everyone I know…but I’m super proud that I’ve managed to increase my children’s veggie intake by sneaking them into treats! It feels like a huge accomplishment when one of my darling girls asks for a treat and I smugly hand them a vegetable infused […]

Merry Hasbro Christmas Giveaway


With just over a month to go until Christmas I am very pleased to be able to announce the Merry Hasbro Christmas Giveaway!! I’ve teamed up with Mommy Matter, This Lil Piglet and Life on Manitoulin to bring you an amazing prize pack any child would love to find under their Christmas tree. Thanks to […]

Win A $250 Games & Puzzle Prize Pack From Worth Outset Media

Our family is crazy about games, there is nothing like an evening spent together laughing, scheming or in my husband’s case…cheating…cough. I really do cherish our time as a family with games, it’s refreshing to be able to keep our daughters attention and fully engage with one another. With Christmas coming I’m on the hunt for […]

iPod Giveaway Event – US & Canada

Thank you for joining us for the iPod Touch Giveaway event, hosted by Happy Mothering and Green Moms Media and sponsored by and EarnSEO. About LampsUSA If you’re looking for new home lighting, check out They have been selling quality discount lighting online since 1998 and in brick and mortar stores since 1994. […]