My Week’s Highlights – Published On Huffington Post

Lately I haven’t felt like being creative, I’m blaming it on the change of seasons which is happening here. Fall is roaring in on me and while I’m ignoring the need to change the seasons in my closets I cannot deny that I’ve been wearing socks and resenting it.

As a blogger usually I’m snapping pics of anything interesting I see but I’ve been remiss so I’ll have to actually use my words to tell you about my week and what’s been up here. Just a few weeks ago I was super excited and confident that I had organization for school all in hand…..well as of today I concede that it’s not in my nature to live a structured life. Ughhh one would think that I’d know this by now, since the accident I have short-term memory issues and can NEVER handle last-minute stress. It’s a sad sight watching me scurrying around the kitchen in pjs trying to decide what to make for the girl’s lunches in the morning, back to Mommy planning boot camp I go!

The girls have settled into routine quite well, Chelsea has begun her gymnastics and after having her doing cartwheels all over the house and my patience for months I’m very happy she has another location for said activity.

Sydney has always been a tough nut when it comes to activities, she wants to try everything but in the end she never wants to leave the house to actually go. This week she went to boxing for the first time and LOVED it. It was a perfect fit for her, the coach is someone I’ve known since public school and he’s managed to make a FAB environment for the kids where they learn, exercise and have fun all at once. Check out Big Tyme Fitness if you’re in the Southern Ontario area.

Published On Huffington Post

One MAJOR thing I haven’t told you all about….I had an article published on Huffington Post Canada this week!!! Check out Guilt With the First Pour, I’m very happy to be able to share on such a respected newspaper and am chuffed that they’ve asked me to be one of their bloggers.

How has your week been? Are you looking forward to the weekend…..are you seizing the day?

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