February has arrived here in Suburbia, Ontario and with it the snow!


We are no strangers to snow here, Ontario is know for snow and believe me the roads departments are generally prepared with plows and sanders. What I’m never prepared for is when the weather flip flops, I mean last week we were able to go out in long sleeve t shirts and no coats, this week I have to schedule time to bundle the girls up.

Oh and there’s the bathroom rule every parent in snowy regions can relate to, heaven help me if I forget to enforce a bathroom trip prior to the winter layers being applied…..seriously it’s like their scarves must have a direct line to their bladders!

This winter has been bizarre, it’s been so warm that our dog’s winter coat has begun to shed, I’m sweeping like a maniac to keep up with it when low and behold the skies open and dump a foot of this beautiful white stuff.

The girls faces light up and off they go to build snow forts on the front lawn as I consider calling in the emergency food storage pros. Come on people, you don’t expect me to drive in this nasty stuff to feed my children do you??

I may be from Canada but apparently I don’t fit the typical mold, I avoid the snow as much as possible!!

Wikipedia tells me that Southern Ontario has a humid continental climate “The region has warm, humid summers and cold winters.”

Well bring on the warm, humid summer cuz this gal is over the snow and wants to get outside already. The groundhog said we’d have an early Spring in 2012 and you know I’m sitting here waiting…….but give me warning, I need a pedicure before wearing my flip flops!

How’s your weather?

I find it strange how it’s changed around the World in the past few years…..

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