Weight Loss Took a Back Seat – Motivated Monday

Motivated Monday

Monday, Monday you’ve arrived again and this week I need your motivation!

For the last week I’ve given myself too much slack on the eating front. It was my birthday and as always I made this more than a one day event…it became a 5 day event including pasta, bread, potato chips and a delicious brownie dessert.Weight loss was the last thing on my mind when I saw this plate arrive!


The desert was delicious and yet definitely not worth the pain I experienced an hour after eating it. There is nothing cute about a 39-year-old woman lying on a bed with an extended stomach crying “I broke my stomach”.

Looking back I can see it wasn’t the beautiful brownie that killed me it was my lack of self-control. It’s find to indulge in moderation but apparently I’m not ready for this yet.

That’s the thing, when a person has developed a bad habit over a long time it takes much longer to reprogram behaviors. My relationship with food hasn’t truly changed yet, I thought that I could make wise choices and would have displayed much more restraint but hind sight is 20/20 and the fact is that I over indulged and ignored my body’s discomfort.

Today I begin again, right back at the beginning. I am cleansing my body of all the fats and carbs and taking today for what it is…..a new beginning. I’m not bashing myself for the sugar-spree I dove into last week but I am learning from it. My goal for weight-loss and finding true physical health hasn’t changed….I was off track for a bit but now I’m back!

Typically if I’d seen my scale go up 2 pounds in the past I would have totally dropped the ball and given up. Thankfully my perspective has changed and I realize it’s a minor setback, I know that I have my whole life in front of me to experience these learning lessons and improve myself.

I am going to try to remember how horrible my digestive system feels today, I’m bloated and just feel weighed down compared to this time last week. These physical feelings are important for me to be able to understand, by learning to read my body I can begin to learn moderation in future.

Weight Loss since NYE:

Last week = -22 lbs

This week= -20 lbs

Eye of the Mo-Fo’in Tiger BABY!!!

How is your journey going, have you begun to learn self-control?

Please link up your self-improvement status updates below or leave them in the comments, we can motivate each other!


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14 Responses

  1. The whole thought of losing weight really stresses me out. I do not want to “diet” I love food. But I know i should be making better choices and developing better habits. You’re doing great :)

  2. You and me girl, we’re 2 peas in a pod! Everything you wrote in this post sounds like me, my views up until now AND my views moving forward.

    You are so right to think that bday palooza week was a minor setback!

    You can do this – you’re getting back on that horse and this week will be better!

  3. Hang in there Julie! It’s not a disaster as you know. Habits are hard to break. You start again and move on. You are gonna conquer this :) You already have so much strength!

  4. Did someone say “potato chips”? Just wondering?
    I’m still at only 3lbs lost for the entire month. Something’s gotta give, right?

  5. Yes keep your eye on the prize – it can be easy to start down the road of “exceptions” because there is always a reason to have a treat. Make your treat limits and stick to them. You don’t need to cut the sweets completely, but maybe only 1 dessert a week – no matter what is going on.
    With valentines tomorrow there will be even more pressure in all forms of chocolate – be strong!

  6. We both shared a birthday week this past week. Like you, I over indulged as well. Try not to be too hard on yourself though. We all deserve to treat ourselves. What more reason than our birthday’s?! It’s a new week with new motivation…. time to focus on getting back on track! You can do it! I’m right along with you for the ride. :)

    Keep your head up girl! You’re doing great!

  7. Oh boy; what was my excuse? 3 dinners in a row eating out and now trying to get back on track. Still exercising at least, and going to Weight Watchers meetings, but my “don’t beat yourself up” attitude is actually translating to being too lax. Let’s both get back on track. (Sorry you felt so bloated, but birthdaypalooza was a good reason to stray for a few days. Also, that looked to me like HALF a brownie, so it could have been worse.)

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