Grilling Maple Leaf Bacon Portions – Review & Giveaway

In our home bacon never goes to waste, if anything I have to watch like a hawk once it’s cooked to make sure the kids don’t scarf it all down. Because of this I was quite intrigued when I heard that Maple Leaf Foods was holding a #NeverWasteBacon campaign.

I had forgotten that some people don’t live with my Baconista daughters and may actually end up wasting some of the bacon if they cook a whole package.

What Are Maple Leaf Bacon Portions

Maple Leaf thinks we should Never Waste Bacon and so they created new Maple Leaf Bacon Portions. With 2 stay fresh packages we can enjoy fresh bacon all the time.


Simply pledge to never waste bacon and you could be one of 10 lucky winners to receive a year’s supply of FREE bacon! As of today 20,530 Canadians have taken the Never Waste Bacon Pledge on Facebook.

The fine folks at Maple Leaf Foods sent me coupons to go and try out the to try new Maple Leaf Bacon Portions for myself. What to make, oh what to make? It would have to be something just for my husband and I for this portion package to make sense. I decided to prepare a lunch item for us to enjoy while the children were at school.

It was actually one of the recipes on the Maple Leaf Pinterest board that inspired me. Just looking at the BBQ Club Sandwich had me feeling hungry so I decided to grill up some chicken and bacon to see what I’d come up with.

BBQ’n Some Bacon

Although I was inclined to open both sections of the Maple Leaf Bacon Portions package, I managed to resist I didn’t even need my scissors to open. There’s a handy peel back section on the package which works well.  I placed the 6 slices in one portion into my handy-dandy little aluminum pan, oh how I wish I had a proper grill pan…sigh.

Maple Leaf Bacon on the grill Portions

Honestly, between the sun and the smell from the bacon and chicken on the BBQ this was fixing to be the BEST lunch I’d had in a very long time! My dog was going nuts at my feet as the scent hit her.

Bacon on the grill is super simple, just place it in a BBQ safe pan and cook on medium heat for approximately 20 minutes, turning once.

Beware, the scent of bacon grilling outdoors can bring visitors!!!

Maple Leaf Bacon Portions on the grill

Once the chicken and bacon were cooked, I toasted some multi-grain bread and began to assemble our delicious lunch sandwiches. I whipped up some pesto mayo, added some lettuce, chicken and bacon and a masterpiece was born!

Maple Leaf Bacon Portions Sandwich


If you’re not excited by the chance to win free bacon, check your pulse! One of my Canadian readers who is 18+ will win 8 coupons for FREE Bacon Portions from Maple Leaf Foods!!!

Enter by filling in the Rafflecopter form below, the winner will have 48 hours to respond. Contest ends May 30th, 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I am a member of the MLF Connects program. As part of my participation in the program I have received compensation, but as always opinions are my own.

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167 Responses

  1. I just love bacon as a side to my breakfast, in a BLT, crumbled over a salad, on a burger – you name it – bacon makes it better!

  2. Hash browns mixed with bacon, eggs and peppers . A little bit of shredded cheese on top.

  3. my fav recipe is Bacon in the Cup. You cook as much Bacon as you have on hand. Place in a cup. Done!

  4. MAPLE LEAF® TOP DOGS® ORIGINAL BBQ SIZE WIENERS wrapped with Maple Leaf Bacon in Villagio Buns are a sure summer BBQ hit for our family .
    Love the new packaging, keeps bacon safe while grilling.

  5. I make a really awesome bacon & cheddar muffin which goes AWESOME with chowder or chilli or as a breakfast muffin. SO good!

  6. It is a chicken pasta meal, I don’t know the name but it has peppers, chicken, garlic, onions, lots of herbs and spices along with the bacon of course… tasty.

  7. My favorite bacon recipe is just toast 2 slices of Dempster’s 12 grain bread and spread on a little Miracle Whip, add a slice of cheese, some tomatoes, and lots of crispy bacon.

  8. My favourite bacon recipe is the Bacon Explosion (Cheese and bacon stuffed meatloaf wrapped with a weaved bacon blanket)

  9. It’s a tossup between the delicous basic BLT, or showering my pergogies full of bacon!

  10. bacon grilled cheeses and my mom always fried up some bacon to go in her fresh green beans

  11. My favorite is HomeStyle Dinner which consists of potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese all mixed together. Sounds gross but it’s delicious.

  12. bacon is the most wonderful thing ever discovered. i would bacon with absolutely anything!

  13. Bacon Anything of Course ! But I can’t help but gravitate to the classic Club! It is my Comfort Food in this cruel Nasty World. Oh and Bacon Maple Donuts! :D Love Your Blog! Keep up the Great Work!

  14. Bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, mayo, tobasco sauce mixed together placed on a sliced bagette and placed under the broiler for a few minutes, delicious

  15. Favorite recipe? bacon wrapped water chestnuts!! A huge hit with my friends and family too :) I also make a pretty good bacon wrapped chicken fettuccine Alfredo.

  16. Favourite recipe would be difficult but my pick of the day is bacon and cheddar potato soup!

  17. Love this new packaging. Bacon doesn’t ever get wasted in my house. Bacon and Eggs, BLT’s and Grilled Cheese with Bacon ohh don’t forget Bacon of Caesar Salad.

  18. Bacon grilled cheese and love bacon and eggs of course! Everything bacon! i dont know a canadian who doesnt love bacon!!!

  19. Mmmmm bacon. The swine is devine. And in my household no bacon ever goes to waste, but I’d still love to try the bacon portions.

  20. I like bacon, and LOTS OF IT between two toast!! DIVINE!!!
    I mostly try no to buy bacon, because it goes in one sitting.. LOVE IT!

  21. well if it even survives me not eating it as I cook I like toasted tomato and bacon sandwiches. but just bacon dipped in ketchup is yummy too.

  22. Anything! I’m not going to lie, we love bacon in, on or with anything. One of my favorites is home made pork hot dogs (you wrap the bacon around pork that is made into a hot dog with a cheese string inside)!

  23. Bacon is good with everything! But my fav is still as a side along with eggs, hash-browns and beans on a Saturday morning!

  24. I tried cinnamon bacon rolls. I am going to have to make them myself the next time I whip out the bacon.

  25. Our family loves Tater Tots wrapped up with a piece of bacon. We layer them in a shallow pan and put them on the grill. Only take a few minutes!

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