Travel – Planning is a pain!

Introducing my newest feature, a Travel Section!!!

Travel is something many of us enjoy, for others the thought of planning a trip can become overwhelming quickly! Well I’m here to help, within this new section I’ll provide you with all of my wisdom, or show you how one can stumble while trying to plan the perfect holiday!

Before my car accident I traveled often, whether it was by plane or car I seemed to be on the move frequently over the course of my life. Most of my childhood weekends were spent in a car with our family, my father played on a touring Cricket team which had us flying to different countries and exploring the US.

These jaunts created the love of travel within me, within my job role I had the opportunity to be flying across Canada with very little notice. With practice I found it an art to find the lowest-priced flights and hotel rooms which met my standards.

mummy syd 4by6After getting married we bought a home and had two amazing daughters within 4 years and our travels were more local. We did drive to Nova Scotia when I was pregnant with out second child and oh that was a learning lesson in itself!


I’ll remember these lessons and be mindful of the challenges of traveling with little children when I’m investigating holidays to tell you about.



Since the car accident we have not traveled nearly as much, but with the trips we’ve made we’ve had to make concessions for my disabilities. With careful planning we’ve been able to ensure I would be comfortable during these trips, both local and further away and I think it would be of benefit for me to share this information with you, my readers.

We also travel as a family which takes more thought than journeys without the children, we’ve found tricks and tips which will be included in each article.

I aim to provide quality information about the resorts, hotels, airlines, dining, entertainment and other companies I find.

Listen, it would be GREAT if we could all just whip out our over-stuffed wallets and book whichever holiday we think looks interesting but for the majority of people this isn’t going to happen.

Within my brand spanking new travel section I hope to give you all a resource for information which will make your holiday plans a reality!!!

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  1. Can’t wait to see the travels you go on. As a special needs mom dealing with disabilities with travel is often difficult with some venues. I really never thought of sharing them. What a great idea. I look forward to your travels!

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