Disorganized? Mabel’s Labels can help!

I am probably one of the least organized people I know lately, I have notes everywhere reminding me to complete tasks. This has become a bit of a pain in the butt but honestly labeling things is helping me.

With the kids we’ve hit a point where they’re in lots of activities, going to school and going to friends houses. I’ve found that things seem to go missing easily, hats, mitts, shoes, water bottles…well just about anything you can think of.

Mabel’s Labels has come to my rescue!!

The kind folks at Mabel’s Labels sent me 2 of their Basic Kits and the Cord Control pack in hopes that I might become more organized or at least that my children might bring home their own things.

mabel's labelsThese cord labels are fantastic, now I can actually locate my laptop cord!

mabel's labels basic kitMy girls love their kits, Mabel’s Labels offered for me to choose the design, color and name on each item but I left it up to them. They really hit the mark, my girls had the tags on their backpacks in minutes and every shoe they own now has a label.

Mabel’s labels products are all of great quality at reasonable prices and they are a fantastic company to work with!

Check out their Facebook page and enter their Fan of the Week Contest, by uploading a photo showing how you use Mabel’s Labels you have a chance to win free product!

It’s not just me who has been convinced, Mabel’s Labels is featured in February 2012 issue of Today’s Parent Magazine!

If you are fundraising, head over to their Facebook page, Mabel’s Labels will help! They have an entire section dedicated to helping people raising money and are full of great ideas.

While I don’t think this will make me totally organized it certainly helps and I’m not done ordering on their website.

Soon everything in my house will be labelled….that’s normal right?

Rhetorical question….

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