Is your life too busy?

Alright so you say you’re busy? Perhaps you feel like life is passing you by? Well my friends grab a cuppa tea and let’s discuss, yes I’m serious! Pause life for a moment and humour me.

For those who are new around here, I’m Julie and I happen to be an alcoholic among other things. I believe in shooting straight from the hip, so get your flak jackets if you need them. Here comes the big message, are you ready?

Busy is a negative state of being, it causes us to miss our true purpose on this journey.

There I said it, did that hurt, and did it echo through your mind? Are you feeling the need to rebut that statement?

Let me explain.

 If you would, please bring yourself back to how it feels to be busy. Pay attention to the physical state; is it a positive state for you physically? Probably not, generally we have negative physical reactions to heightened stress, which happens when our lives become busy. We may notice that we have a higher heart rate, weight loss or gain, sleep issues, skin changes, shakes, nausea…the list continues.

Let’s look at your mood; in busy stages of our lives we are usually more emotional. Unfortunately this doesn’t translate into being Mary Poppins-happy, it’s usually the opposite. Do you find that you’re edgy, anxious, harried, feeling like you’re not at your best and life’s demands are unreasonable?

How’s your performance when you’re busy? If you’re honest with yourself, irrelevant if you “thrive on stress”, the end results are probably not going to be your best ever. Can you truly say that you are achieving your potential when you’re pressed for time?

There is a higher potential for relationships to become strained when we’re busy. A mother who is in a hurry is much less likely to have tolerance and patience for a child, under the panic of a deadline employer/employee relationships are lacking in understanding.

 Assuming I’m correct in my statement now, based solely upon the examples I’ve given, perhaps we should ask ourselves how do we feel about ourselves? Are you feeling lost, like life is passing you by?

There is a degree of “busy” which is healthy; there are life demands which we cannot ignore and yet so many of us focus upon adding more rather than satisfying those necessary demands and finding peace in our free time. It seems that North American culture expects everyone to be busy in order to be productive and being productive indicates serving a purpose.

Our purpose on this Earth isn’t to be busy.

We are here to build relationships, experience life, experience culture, investigate and create things, to help others, to take opportunities to learn, to love one another. Our individual purposes will all be different but I think we can all agree that none of us feel we are here for the sole purpose of being busy.

 If you took an inventory of your time, would you find that you could use it differently?

For some, the busyness is a way to avoid confronting themselves for fear of what they may find lurking. If this is you, don’t worry, we’ve all been there and it’s easily reversible. Being busy all the time allows us to live in the relative comfort of our own defences, without the need to question whether they’re working for us or against us.

From a personal standpoint; some choose to dull ourselves using alcohol, drugs, sex, work, food, gambling and other addictions. These have the same effect as the state of “busy”; they allow us to hide from emotional pain.

I encourage you to take a look at the demands upon you, are there some which you could delegate? Could you handle some more efficiently, how about simply saying no to people when they request your time?

It’s vital for all of us to spend time reflecting and being still, to experience time more consciously. We have learned to cloak ourselves in the business of the world around us, in taking the time to shed this cloak we can see our authentic selves and begin to love and nurture ourselves.

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7 Responses

  1. I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed at work, and often times my Mom (who lives a 3 hour plane ride away) tries to contact me via e-mail or phone during the days. I always tell her I’m too busy to talk. But this past week, I’ve been feeling a little homesick and have been taking the time out to realize that I need to slow down… remember that family, health and happiness is more important than other things.

    1. Oh Nancy that’s tough, I’m glad you’ve realized that. It’s so easy to become caught up in the world around us and lose focus of what’s really dear to us.

  2. Hi Julie,
    I am new to your blog. Many people need to stop and have a cup of tea. They need to take a step back and not over do it with the schedule for their lives and if they have children them also.
    Wish you the best with your recovery from your injury.

  3. Have you ever come across a post that spoke to you directly and was what you needed to hear? Yes, that is this post for me.

    Thanks, Julie!

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