I suck at Wordless Wednesday

Hello bloggy friends, today I am writing about what I’m grateful for. This is not only because I have a titch of writers block but because it was supposed to rain here and it’s been a lovely, sunny spring day.
I’ve seen other blogs where they participate in “Wordless Wednesdays” but come on, as if I could be wordless! So mine will be something more like Julie’s trying to use as few words as possible Wednesdays!
Today I was determined to spend time outside enjoying the weather, so out to my backyard oasis I went. Click Here for a bit of background if you’d like catch up on our little slice of Heaven.
Today I was thankful that we had purchased a new patio set last year so I could sit comfortably listening to the damned black crows chasing away a lovely Blue Jay while my freaking dog was attacking the neighbor’s dog through the fence.
I’d like to divert your eye from the unopened pool, the snow blower and the toboggan which are both waiting to be stored for the summer; draw your eye to the lovely apple green of the cushions and umbrella, notice the sunlight flooding my oasis. 
Now you’re getting an idea of how I roll.
This next picture tells a thousand words for me. As you may have deduced I have significant short term memory issues, I write about it though out my blog, Click Here for a taste.
Today for whatever reason my alarm on my phone hadn’t gone off to remind me to eat and by 1pm I was feeling weak and shaky. When I’m like this it’s hard to figure out what to eat, I’m grateful that I can always remember how to make a cheese sandwich with Granny Smith Apples!
Yup it’s fatty-bum white bread my friends, yum.
Diet Pepsi = yum.
Without my wicked awesome prescription sunglasses this girl would be lost, I’m blind as a bat and wouldn’t be able to sit here ignoring my dog’s horrific antics at the fence while reading a great book.
It’s Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers, fantastic.
Within the picture below you can see the bane of my existence right now.
I took the advice of the oh-so-knowledgeable Garden Center Lady in the fall and spread my Halloween hay over my gardens.
Dumbest move I’ve ever made!
The freaking hay is everywhere, the fact that we have river rock gardens helps the pain-in-the-ass factor rise dramatically.
But there’s also green there, see it?
I’m focusing upon that. My tiger lilies are coming, spring has arrived.
I’m grateful for the cycle of life.
I’m grateful I have a hubby with a strong back and 2 little ladies whose little hands will be removing each bit of hay from our backyard oasis.
They’ll thank me when they’re older.
I find tagging this with Motherhood amusing.

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13 Responses

  1. I totally had writer's block today too! Your backyard looks lovely! I wish I had a backyard, or terrace, or something. although its raining today, so im happy to be inside :)

  2. Joyce ROCKS!! Excellent book – if you haven't already; log on to her site and read her testimony. Lady knows what she speaks!!Lovely day there it appears.And what's up with the universal case of writer's block? Me too and the majority of the bloggers I follow – hmm, what's in the air man?

  3. I just grabbed that book off of my shelf :) Haven't started it yet though.I don't think you suck at Wordless Wednesday… You're just super good at WordFULL Wednesday! See? You can start your own thing… ;)

  4. @Sarah I'm frightened of the surgery, have a bad astigmatism which they cannot promise would be resolved.Oh and come on to the deck and chill with me if ever you're in Ontario.

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