Seeking help….it’s simple really

After a week away it feels like I haven’t written in FOREVER!
Our family left last weekend, braving a 2.5 hour car ride with our two very impatient daughters. We went to spend the week in a rented trailer at our very favorite summer getaway, Muskoka Bible Center.
For those of you who regularly read my blog, you may remember me writing about MBC in earlier articles, Sand, God and Love at MBC or Road Trip with the Kids.
It was a typical week at MBC, I had the opportunity to attend chapel twice a day and be challenged on what I’m doing for God in my life. The children had a blast, they went for boat rides, tubing, spent time on the beach and learned about God through the kids program.
This post isn’t actually about our trip, I’m writing to ask for my readers help.
There is a Social Media Conference which is held here in Toronto in October. It is Blissdom Canada and I’d love to go. The unfortunate thing is that all 300 of the tickets sold out in 90 minutes and I didn’t manage to get one.
A fantastic travel website, Go Go Girlfriend is hosting a contest, by simply submitting a travel review I could win a ticket to Blissdom Canada!!
So of course I wrote up a FABULOUS piece, and of course my choice of travel locations was Muskoka Bible Center. You can see my review by clicking here: Review: Muskoka Bible Center.
I would appreciate if you all would consider leaving a comment on my post and perhaps tweeting the following line:
@soberjulie should win the #ggbliss contest, her post gets my vote
Thank you all for reading and helping !!!

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  1. Welcome Home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I luv luv luv taking a social networking break! But we're happy to have you back, home, safe, and sound!!8 months on this very day for me sistah!!! :)Here's a CHEERS to our ice tea!~d

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