Herpes simplex virus, Type I – It’s never pretty

Today I am talking about herpes.
OK not really but stay with me here, I’m talking about cold sores which is a type of herpes.
I have gotten cold sores sporadically since I was a child. More often than not I get them when I am stressed and honestly that’s a huge help to my stress levels. Nothing like preparing for an important meeting, feeling utterly stressed and looking into the mirror on the day of the presentation to find I’ve grown a friend over night.
I can feel them coming, seriously there’s a tight, deep tingling sensation which precludes the nasty blister which appears to ruin my lovely visage. I can’t bring myself to call it a blemish because generally it’s a disgusting, pussy blister that cannot be missed.
Every single time I get a cold sore these days I blame Hubby.
He has never, ever had the opportunity to experience the joy of a cold sore, therefore he must be a carrier right? Totally unfair perhaps, but I do enjoy company with my misery.
With tears in my eyes I run out of the bathroom yelling “I’m infected again!!! Where’s the hydrogen peroxide?”
As if anything is going to help.I have yet to find anything which actually stops one from appearing, in those moments when I recognize that tingling sensation, I’m willing to bet I’d pay ludicrous amounts of money for a solution.
Knowing that I cannot stop it from growing, on those mornings I do what any other woman would do. I turn to my makeup kit. I struggle in vain to mask it with concealer, powder and whatever else I can find. Forget wearing lip liner or lipstick that day!
And off I go to these important meetings with my white lips and visible testament to the fact that I kissed Hubby in the recent past. Filthy Hubby (OK I’m totally stretching it but I’m rolling with it.)
More like an advertisement to the fact that I’m a carrier of the type I herpes simplex virus (HSV).
Living with this is a pain and I’m always on the lookout for a new product, so when a friend told me about COLDSORE-FX I was interested. When that same friend told me that they are hosting a giveaway I was intrigued. Finally when she told me that the contest is open to all Canadians, including Quebec and what the grand prize is I was excited!
COLDSORE-FX is giving away a travel voucher worth $5000 to be used for a trip anywhere in the world!
 It was simple to enter, I went to the website and simply filled in a little form.
I’ll be checking out their cold sore product, they’re the makers of COLD-FX so I know their products are good, any hey any company who gives me a chance to win free travel must be great!
Go and click to win my Canadian friends, I’m sharing the love here!

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6 Responses

  1. I got my first coldsore at 16. I was so embarrassed!! it tries to come back every now and then. When I first feel the twinge, I used to grab PERFUME. Someone somewhere told me it would dry out the coldsore. So yup, I would lather on Poison from Christian Dior. Remember that purple bottle. hahahaha the things you'll do to get rid of that DISGUSTING thing!!

  2. I have found that crushing an aspirin (uncoated) and putting the powder directly onto the sore or the spot where we know it’s going to erupt. the aspirin is a Viricide (virus killer) and for me interrupts the cycle nd stops the sore before it gets started. YMMV but I am the happiest herpes sufferer I know.

  3. ughhhAt that first "sign", I take "acyclovir" 400 mg and my MD told me to triple up on the dose the first two days. This usually works, for me anyhow. The thing still appears, but virtually undetectable and certainly not the usual two+ week period for it to disappear.Yes to stress as a precurser. I've heard sun exposure as well.

  4. Lysine tablets daily, for me. To keep the virus at bay.Keeping my arginine levels low. To keep the virus at bay.Melissa oil (essential oi) to combat it once it appears.And a lot of cussing once it rears its ugly head. Just sayin'.

  5. I caught it from my “then husband” now ex-husband in 1989 and have been fortunate to not have had THAT many outbreaks. When I do get them, they tend to stay a while and I get Rx from the doctor. I think it’s called Zovax or Zolair??? It starts with a Z and it’s an oinment, and seems to work.

    What I do get alot of are canker sores…alot of them. They hurt, and I can’t stand them.

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