Family Secret – EXPOSED

Today I’m coming out of the closet…..I have a sock basket.
There I said it, it’s out there finally!
When Hubby and I were together before kids there would come a time when we would notice a sock going missing. Because there was just the two of us, it was a very quick discovery. In those days I did laundry once a week, generally 3 loads and managed to sort, fold and put them away immediately.
With the birth of our first daughter came the increase in laundry. I would lovingly wash her little clothing and bedding every two days or less. In those days, being a first-time Mum I kept quickly rinsed out soiled items, sprayed them with stain remover immediately and wouldn’t allow her dirty items to sit more than a few hours.
Fast-forward to daughter #2 and an 18 month old. Suddenly the laundry wasn’t done immediately, believe it or not….quite often I would find a burp pad far under a pile of laundry. Said burp pad wouldn’t have been rinsed, no stain spray had been applied and a nasty black mold covered it.
And so into the garbage it would go.
It happened more than once, I am not entirely proud of that.
As our girls have grown, their clothing has gotten larger and inexplicably seems to become soiled much quicker. Oh for the days when they couldn’t even roll around. Laundry is done almost daily nowadays….I just cannot face mold anymore.
We have developed a system, Hubby does the laundry (I can’t bed or lift well), he then presents me with a basket of clean clothes (somehow not as exciting as the surprise gifts I had imagined in my 20’s), and I sit and fold them.
That’s our system right now….I’m still working on the put them away immediately portion, but for today it’s manageable.
What isn’t manageable is this.
Our sock basket.
It’s an amazing combination of different sizes, colors and textures which drives me nuts!
It began as a catcher for single-socks. Those socks whose mate was missing would be places into the receptacle to await the pairing process. Upon its initiation this basket was quite handy and the process was brisk, however the process has broken down horribly.
Hubby thought it a good idea to put ALL of the socks into the basket and pair them after folding and putting away the laundry.
 While it sounds like a great proposal for some families, within our home at this time it’s an utter failure.
With my brain injury, I cannot decipher pairs easily, if I’m tired at all it’s overwhelming.
Therefore it became the children’s chore to match socks, another great idea.
This is a nightmare….they dump it out and begin the treasure hunt. This is amusing for them for a very short period, few pairs are found and folded together and then it’s all put back into the basket for “another day”.
And so we have the pretty pink sock basket. Each time we need socks, we dig in and find a pair. The basket moves from bedroom to bedroom and haunts me. It’s like I can hear it breathing some days…..I told Hubby that I’m considering throwing out all of the socks and starting over. Alas that would be a waste.
And so this afternoon, once the girls are home from Summer Camp we will not be making forts in the living room like yesterday.
Nor will we be swimming with friends.
We will be matching socks, throwing away the single socks and bidding adieu to the sock basket forever!!!
**Disclaimer – yes I know it’s a waste to throw out the single socks but one house can only have so many sock puppets**

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10 Responses

  1. I gave up many years ago, like more than 20, and we dig through our sock basket. I am sure as some of my kids have grown and moved out they are determined to have socks neatly rolled in their dresser drawers and its all my fault that they have this fixation. But I am just thinking…it could be so much worse!

  2. I was so relieved to read this!!! Just glad to know that I am not the only person that has a sock basket. I hate to admit, but as a mother of 3 daughters (4, 12 & 16) this beast within our home has outgrown its dwelling place. We now have 2 large laundry baskets full of unmatched socks. I have tried for years to make sock matching a "fun" activity for the kiddos….They are not buying it! I'm still contemplating throwing them all out and starting over….

  3. <—— Has sock drawer (entire drawer designated to lonely socks)But, as previous poster said,, wearing unmatched socks is AOK by the teenagers, so, its what I dooften!~d** Seems when we're ready to come out of the closet, we learn we're not alone after all – Bravo!

  4. Ok so the project left the basket only half full! That's just too many single socks to deal with, so off to the garbage they went. I also tossed the old, beat up socks and Hubby has bought into the unmatched socks.Hopefully it's a fresh start outta the depths of sock-hell lol

  5. Oh the dreaded sock basket..I hate socks the most of all laundry…I totally have one and the kids get to sort but they mismatch and we end up digging in the basket when the paired socks run out. I am not ashamed to throw out the pink sock that's been loose for a month only to find the match in the toybox the next day. I know now that I am normal – thank you!

  6. I only face our sock-basket about once every 3 months. If anyone wants to root through and find a pair for themselves, they are encouraged to do so. For a while we got only one colour of socks for each individual person but they come in so many textures, shapes and lengths! Ribbing, mesh, you name it.When I get low on socks in my dresser I go wading into the basket for a top-up. Occasionally I run into a sock that has been without a mate for a very long time. As long as it doesn't have a hole in it, I leave it there – and allow it to be a reminder of simpler times when, for example, the kids were into the striped glove-socks with the pockets for each toe to slip into. :D And socks are so inexpensive that if I really want to have those that match (and by match I mean "look like they went into the same wash load at the same time so that they're the same colour black and have the same number of lint balls" ;) ) then I go get another half-dozen pair at the store.Tossing them in the garbage is a gutsy move, one I've done only a couple of times. I suppose it's not the end of the world. After all, they're only socks!

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