Back to School Shopping with my Teen at Sport Chek

Back to school shopping is in the air and many of us parents are cringing. As the parent of an 11 yr old and 13 yr old, please allow me a moment to describe our usual shopping experiences. We head to the mall with both girls arguing about which stores we will go to. Each has a VERY different fashion sense and we rarely find a store which suits both girls.

We spend hours in shops with the girls getting frustrated over the poor quality and choices they find. Eventually after a few hours of this pain they may leave with just enough clothing to get through the first week of school. Within very little time, the clothing is discarded either because the quality didn’t stand up or they didn’t really ever love the item to begin with.

This madness had to end!!!

All parents want when they’re going back to school shopping is to spend time with their happy, excited children and leave with items the kids love that will actually get used throughout the year. Not too much to ask right?

I have found the answer for my girls, we now shop for most of our back to school items at Sport Check. With brands like Roxy, Adidas and Under Armour both of my girls can put together outfits and accessories that they like and I’m pleased with the lasting quality. Suddenly back to school shopping goes from painful to pleasant!

Back to School Shopping with Sport Chek

When Sport Chek offered me the opportunity through YMC to write about our shopping experiences of course I jumped at it. I can honestly say that Sydney, my 13 yr old is a CHALLENGING person to shop with and I’m eager to share the experience Syd and I had on a recent shopping trip.

sport chek shop with sydney

I was over the moon excited to go out with Sydney alone but of course held it in because she would NOT enjoy public displays of affection. Be prepared for true teenager photos where she’s impatient and just wanting to get onto more shopping! Syd is an in-and-out shopper, she knows what she likes and doesn’t dally around.

sport chek

We are lucky enough to have a Sport Chek store which is newly opened in our town but if you don’t have a brick and mortar location don’t worry, you can order online at The website has over 35,000 items to choose from and you can have it shipped right to your door or to a store nearby and if you spend over $99 it’s free shipping.

Don’t worry about their return policy, you have 60 days to return items whether you purchased online or in stores and you can ask them any questions right on the Sport Chek Facebook Fan page.

sport chek backpack

Sydney was totally in the mood from the moment she stepped into the store, pointing out the new line of backpacks as we waked in. This is her kind of place!

sport chek ladies clothing

The variety of clothing is quite varied which for me is heaven. This means that the girls easily find items they like in the same store. This area is Chelsea’s favourite, there are so many brands and styles that any taste is satisfied.

20170821 151242

Sydney is all about comfort and sports wear. She graciously began to tell me WHY she loves the clothes she does….because she likes the way they look and also the feel. “Feel matters when you’re playing sports or sitting at a desk for hours Mom!” I totally agree and had NO idea how important this was to Syd until this trip. If we had been in another store where she was frustrated there’s no way she would have been relaxed enough to share her thoughts with me.

Parent WIN!

syd 1

This Nike crew-neck sweater was super soft and Sydney liked that it had a high/low hemline.

sport chek adidas

Sydney wanted me to show you all her most prized possession and fav pair of pants (she has 2 pairs at home). These Adidas joggers are a total crossover for Sydney. She wears them while playing sports like volleyball and softball but also to school. She highly recommends them to any active teen.

20170821 151332

Next up we headed into the shoe department which is VAST. There are far too many brands for me to list and if you’re worried about sizes being out of stock, they have Guaranteed Footwear sizes – Sport Chek guarantees approx. 30 footwear styles in any size.

20170821 152721

Socks are TERRIBLY important to Sydney and these Nike Elites are her favourite. They’re always in stock at Sport Chek!

So I’m sure you are wondering what did Sydney end up choosing as her top back to school outfit?

sport chek sydney outfit

BAM!! The Adidas joggers paired with a soft white T-shirt and this great Roxy plaid hooded shirt. She says that it hits the fashion she likes but is also going to be comfy.

Well done Sydney.

Hopefully our shopping trip has given you some idea of what it’s like shopping for back to school at Sport Chek. I also have to note that the staff goes far out of their way to make sure the customers are taken care of. At our local store they remember us by name and are always super friendly!

We left the store with items that I know will last and Sydney was pleased. She was relaxed and having fun as we shopped which made my heart sing. This back to school shopping trip was a SUCCESS!

Keep in touch with Sport Chek on social media by interacting with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and Sport Chek and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.

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  1. I love that they have their own style! I have never heard of the store. I don’t think we have one here, but it looks like it has a lot of good qualities clothes. I’m glad you’re kidding could find what she was looking for for school.

  2. Wow I’m loving all of her choices! I wish we lived near one of these stores! I have to see if I can order online!

  3. My Teens love to shop at Sport Check. They always have a great selection of what we are looking for. I need to go there this weekend. to get a few things for back to school.

  4. Sport Check looks like an awesome place to shop. I’ll have to let my son see the different items they have for sale. It looks like your teen found plenty of cute things for BTS!

  5. Sport Chek is a great place. My husband always gets his running shoes there. I still have to get a few clothes for my son for back to school so I will definitely head there.

  6. I wish they had a store near me. Believe it or not that’s a store my son would love! He’s been begging for a good pair of sports shoes.

  7. I had no idea they had such a variety at SporkChek. I thought it was only – well – athletic clothing. There are some really cute finds there.

  8. I can’t shop with my oldest. She takes forever. Like hours and hours to try on every single item in the store. I appreciate her thoroughness, but there’s a limit. It sounds like Sport Chek would be a good place for us to go. While she closely examines all the clothes in her section, I’ve got tons of other areas to explore.

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