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If you’re planning to travel to Key West, Florida and you’re looking for activities to do I know you’re finding a WACK of choices. Key West is an island community that has diversity, culture and oh-so much to do for anyone who visits. I’ve just returned from a trip where I spent 4 days falling in love with Key West thanks to The Florida Keys tourism board and I’m happy to share with you EVERYTHING I experienced during my visit.

The Chelsea House Hotel, Key West


We arrived on Sunday and we took a taxi from the Key West airport to The Chelsea House Hotel. I was quite tired but as the taxi slowed in front of the Inn my excitement level began to rise. There is an air of history about The Chelsea House which was intriguing. With the over-sized mouldings and high ceilings, I felt pulled back in time.

Rather than giving you a bunch of photos, I did a quick video overview of this lovely inn. Check out my room, the pool area and imagine relaxing there.

Old Town Mexican Cafe

After dropping our luggage off at the hotel, we headed out for lunch at Old Town Mexican Cafe. It has a very cool vibe, totally relaxed and I felt myself beginning to relax and groove to their music. The food is tasty, the Mexican choices just made my heart sing. I ordered the quesadilla and although I had low expectations, I was impressed with the flavour!


When you visit the Mexican Cafe, make sure you try their Key Lime Pie…it’s over-the-top delicious. Everyone at the table had a bit and we all agreed it blew us away. It is made with a meringue topping and the key lime flavour dances over your tongue!

Hogfish Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for some authentic Key West seafood, I’d recommend having dinner at Hogfish Bar & Grill . This is a locally owned restaurant, located right on the water where you’ll find some local dishes showing off the taste of Old Key West.


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Located in Safe Harbor, Stock Island Hogfish is just far enough from the touristy areas to be the choice for the locals. With a panoramic view and fantastic food, this is one place you have to check out.

Camille’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for a breakfast that will knock your socks off, check out Camille’s Restaurant. This breakfast was an indulgence….I had the most sinful Godiva French Toast!! This is a diner-style place where you’ll feel comfortable bringing your kids. The food is amazing and the price is right.

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Processed with Snapseed.

They’re not just for breakfast, Camille’s has been awarded accolades for their Crab Cakes so if you’re looking for seafood…it’s worth checking out.

Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum


While in Key West, an interesting place to visit is the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum. It’s nestled in the heart of Old Town Key West and was home to the acclaimed author Ernest Hemingway. Touring the house was a treat; we were pulled back in time on a guided tour which told us all about Hemingway and his 10 years in the home.



Conch Tour Train

A great way to check out Key West is to take a Conch Tour Train around. The area is approximately 1 mile by 4 miles so you could do it on foot, by bike or an electric car but the Train takes you around and a guide tells you all about the history of each location.

They have been giving tours for over 50 years so you can be sure they know what to show you!

The Stoned Crab Restaurant

The Stoned Crab Restaurant at Ibis Bay Beach Resort is a must-visit restaurant if you enjoy seafood…actually even if you don’t. It’s got a very cool vibe and atmosphere but the biggest thing I took away was the commitment to using fresh, local seafood.

They are a part of the Three Hands movement which is focused on getting local fishermen connected with seafood lovers. This means within hours of being caught the seafood is on your plate with only three hands touching it; the fisherman, the fillet masters and finally…YOU!

We enjoyed a wonderful meal and learning about the Three Hand movement from The Stoned Crab owner Paul whose love of what he does shines brightly. If you ask him nicely, he’ll take you to the canal to feed the nurse sharks – check that out in my video below

Nightboarding Tour, Ibis Bay Beach Resort

Another thing which was on our list was to take a Nightboarding Tour with Ibis Bay Beach Resort. This was out of my wheel-house and very exciting. On the evening when we were doing it, the winds were a bit high so the guides had us do night kayaking instead.

We had a brief safety discussion and headed out in kayaks with clear-bottoms and lights shining into the water below. It was a very shallow area so we could easily see the sea cucumbers and jelly fish along the bottom. This tour really is amazing, the guide taught us all about the local marine and bird wild life that we encountered. I even had a MASSIVE (ok tiny) fish jump into my kayak and scare the dickens outta me! Check out my YouTube video about it.

Island Jet Ski Tour

Holy cow my friends, not only did I go night kayaking but I actually drove a jet ski!!! It’s like my visit to Key West was an adventure tour and taking the Island Jet Ski Tour with Barefoot Billy’s was a highlight.


I knocked one off of my life bucket list with this Barefoot Billy’s tour! We took a 90 minute ride, wave running on the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf through 2 major rainstorms with big waves – EXHILARATING!

Key West is an amazing place, I’ve never been anywhere like it. With so much to do, there is NO way that I could cover everything in one article. I hope this taste of what there is to offer has piqued your interest and has you wanting to visit this glorious place.


Disclosure: In return for my articles, I was provided a trip to Key West. All opinions are my own. 

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