No Need to Feel Lost Caring for Aging Parents

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Not so long ago I wrote about Being My Parents Caregiver and how I hadn’t really seen my role that way until my Father became gravely ill. It was a harrowing week waiting to see if Dad was strong enough to fight the pneumonia and each and every day since we’ve felt blessed to have him with us. Life has changed here in our home…Dad’s health is quite weak. He is most definitely a lucky man to be with us but his capabilities have changed rapidly.


Each day I wake and the first thing I do is head to the coffee maker where I brew a lovely cuppa coffee for both myself and my Dad who finds it difficult to navigate the stairs. We sit together and exchange a few words (I’m so not a morning person) while my daughters scramble around the house getting ready for school. Dad’s brain is fully intact; his wit keeps me on my toes and so does his humour.

These moments are now sacred…I steal time alone with Dad whenever I can but the fact is that his declining health has me doing more for him. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all made and served to him. He doesn’t head out to the store when he needs things anymore, that falls upon my Mum and I.

Being a caregiver is a role which can become overwhelming if we’re not paying attention to our own health. I have had moments when I’ve felt lost and alone which is completely normal. This is a new role for me and through the journey I’ve learned so much and I am sure I’ll continue to.

There are many resources available to caregivers, one of which is Elizz. Elizz is an online resource where caregivers can go for information, advice and to just plain old feel heard. Elizz does offer in-home services to support caregivers, which is a blessing. Which Elizz caregiver services are right for you?


5 Stages of Caregiving Quiz

As this year has rolled along, I’ve learned to take time for myself to decompress. I’ve been very conscious of my stress levels and headed to the gym, for a massage or even just a drive in moments where my concerns or stress levels were high. If you need some ideas for how to take a break, check out this Elizz article Creative Ways to Take Caregiving Breaks.

As the daughter and caregiver of these 2 amazing humans, I feel fortunate to be giving back to them as they have for me for so many years. For my fellow caregivers out there…I’m sending along a virtual high-five and a great cup of coffee, hoping you’re having a FABULOUS day!

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  1. That sounds like a stressful time for you. Admiring your strength and love that you have to share with your father.

  2. Having a sick parent can be very challenging but also rewarding. I found it eye opening how the roles can so easily be reversed when illness hits.

  3. Taking care of an elderly parent can be tough but it sounds like you and your father have really bonded in these past few months. Thanks so much for sharing.

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