Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing & Fat Burning System Results

Well my final day of the Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing & Fat Burning System has come to an end and I must say I’m feeling amazing! The biggest change I’ve seen (aside from the size of my body) is that I haven’t had a migraine in 30 days! Previously I had a migraine every 3-5 days which interrupted my life so this is amazing.

When I began Isagenix I had hope, I had done the research and knew the products were of high-quality and that this was a system developed by qualified professionals and I’d seen friends take of weight, improve their health and maintain over years. BUT somehow there was a little voice chanting doubts in the back of my mind. I worried about pooping all day, about being hungry or about my resolve weakening. The voice was hard to ignore but I managed to and jumped in with both feet and used social media and this blog to keep me accountable.

Staying Accountable with Isagenix

Every few days I’d update my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with my progress in some way. Just knowing that you all are watching kept me on track for those 30 days and to be honest as I went along, it became easier to ignore my old behaviours and stick to the program. Within a week my craving for coffee was gone, I didn’t long for fatty-bum foods and I reached more naturally for veggies.

This program is simple to follow, I laid out the basic overview in this post on Day 11 of Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing & Fat Burning System. As I stated in that post, it was my old behaviours and relationship with foods which had me at 208 pounds in January and I can never forget that.

The fact is that I’m not only an alcoholic but I am addicted to food. I turn to food for comfort with little thought of how it will affect my health. I am in recovery now….which means that I am aware of this addiction of mine and each day I’m fighting it by building up my positive habits and each day it gets easier. Each and every day I’m improving and know that I CAN overcome daily negative thoughts and obstacles in my path.

Nothing in life which is worthwhile is easy and my health is worth the work. I have a fantastic coach, Tammy and her coach Heather boost me up each time I reach out and ask a question about Isagenix. There is also a great help line at Isagenix where I can reach out online or via telephone with any concerns or questions.

I am a person who believes that we all need support when making massive changes and am happy that I now support 5 other people as they begin the journey to health.

The Results

The past 30 days have been enlightening, I have more energy, sleep better, have dropped inches, have NO migraines and feel BRAVE.

Inches Lost: 38

Pounds Lost: 16



I am pleased to be an Isagenix Consultant now and would love to help you on your path to health if you’d like. You can email me at or catch me on any of my social media sites.


I’m starting another 30 day tomorrow and would love you to join me!


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16 Responses

  1. I got to say it. HOLY SHIT!! You looks GREAT! I know what its like to loose weight. Lost 70lbs awhile back on weight watchers. ARGH!! Need to start again cause i have gained some back now. Its SO hard to maintain. I went from 210 to 139 now urrently about 175. :S I would LOVE to try a fat burning system this time. Thanks for the information and sharing your progress. WTG girl go ALL the way!!

  2. You look great. I am so glad I was able to see your posts and watch as the product worked it’s miracle.

  3. Dam you look great and hot!!! I need to loose about 150, yes I said it about that much, I did lose quite a bit but gained it all back plus more, my biggest is the eating healthy, I love eating healthy and my veggies and fruits, but it’s my pocketbook that doesn’t like it, I can’t believe how much it costs to eat healthy, so no wonder there is so many over weight people, it’s hell of a lot cheaper to eat junk and fastfood!! right now I am taking SkinnyFiber but I think all I did was waste my money on that and in Oct. I go see a surgeon for Slimband.

  4. I haven’t worn any of my dresses since weight gain from depression/medications. I have to say Julie, you look lovely!

  5. wow you look totally amazing , wtg , i so need to do something like this since i quit smoking i have gained way more than i wanted , i will be looking into this thanks for sharing :)

  6. Hi Julie

    I am interested to know how you went after the program finished? I ma looking into starting it up and just doing some research.

    Thanks so much


    1. Hey Sophie, well if I’d stayed focused on eating healthy and moving I’d have been find. Really I think I should have kept the shakes…I ended up putting on some weight and it’s not easy to commit to cleansing again.

  7. Thanks for sharing your journey. That’s amazing to lose 16lbs. I keep coming across your site and your pins on Pinterest.
    I appreciate your honesty in your comments.
    It is easy to gain back weight no matter how we lost it. So many times people blame the weight loss system they used but the truth is that we usually stop eating clean and exercising like we should.
    I love your posts and will be sharing this one.

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