CAA Battery Service Saved Boxing Day #CAAAuto

If you live anywhere in Canada then chances are you’re with me as I fist-pump the sun which has finally arrived! We have waited a LONG time for the Winter of 2013 to end and I feel like we deserve a moment to celebrate!

As I took a minute to look back, I immediately thought of the awful driving conditions and the inconvenience this created. One specific day is JAMMED in my memory as it was one that became quite stressful in a hurry for our family.

On Boxing Day this year our family was due to head North for a celebration with all of my extended family. Once a year this rowdy group of over 30 Elsdon descendants travels from different parts of Ontario to reconnect and celebrate Christmas together.

We awoke to find that once again Jack Frost had thrown us a curve ball with an abundance of SNOW.


After spending far too much time brushing off the vehicles and shovelling the driveway, my husband came into the house super frustrated to announce that our SUV we were taking wouldn’t start.


My baby, my amazing SUV won’t start? But she’s fairly new, up-to-date on maintenance and we have to leave the house NOW because we’re already running late and the roads are sure to be bad!

CAA Battery Service to the Rescue


Taking a deep breath, I ignored how stressed I was and pulled out the phone to call CAA. As a CAA member I had access to the CAA Battery Service which I knew would come out and diagnose the problem quickly. With a simple phone call they will diagnose and install a battery at your home, office, or preferred location. They even take your old battery away with them.

CAA doesn’t jack up the prices for battery replacement, they’re priced competitively. The tech told me that other repair places break out the cost of installation separately, while CAA there’s no extra charge for installation. Members can also save $15 on their purchase.

Within 45 minutes the technician arrived and did the diagnosis. My battery was indeed dead, apparently the wiper on the back window didn’t shut down in place properly so didn’t turn off and it drained the battery. Who knew that could happen?


In a very short time my SUV was running again and we were on the road to celebrate with family! Without CAA Battery Service we couldn’t have made it that day and believe me I wouldn’t have lived that one down!

Moral of the story is that once again my CAA membership was well worth it and Winter sucks!

Seriously though, check out the CAA Battery Service because you never know how, when or where you’ll need them.

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  1. I have had the opposite experience with CAA long wait times and really a waste of my time…buy a portable battery pac and carry booster cables and never have to wait.

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