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When I was a girl, our home was filled with Olympic spirit! My parents emigrated from England before I was born and we were a family with loyal traditions. Every 4 years we would hang the Canadian and Union Jack flags and sit in front of the telly to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies no matter what time of day it was. Screams for athletes from England and Canada rang from our home into the streets.

Each of the games holds different fond family memories for me which can be ignited simply by mentioning the athletes’ names. The athletes inspired me; I read everything I could to learn more about them, to find out the key to where their Olympic dream began and how they arrived at their goal.

By grade 5 I was officially an athlete; I was a member of the Junior National Track & Field team for shot put and discus. This was something I was actually amazed at, I had always been quite good at sports but not “amazing” at anything until the day when in grade 5 we learned to throw the shot put and discus in gym class at school. I had a natural ability which was noticed by my Track & Field loving teacher.

I trained 5 days a week and had events on weekends. This meant I often gave up social time with friends and felt a bit separated from my peers but the spirit was firmly driving me. The pull to compete and WIN settled deeply within me, creating a sense of pride, especially when I donned the Junior Canadian team jersey and marched in my first Junior Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

For 5 years my family was immersed in my Track & Field activities; road-trips to meets, sourcing shoes and any other gear I needed. It was a culture in which our family lived just like many other families with mini-athletes.

This athletic spirit is still alive in our home today.

Inspiring Canadian Olympic Athletes

The Olympics is the dream, for the athletes, their families and even the viewers. Every 2 years the Olympic Games bring the World together in the stories of the participants. I yearn to hear about their families and the commitments they’ve made to get the Olympian to the stage where their dreams come true. And, all of us get excited to get outdoors and be sporty in our own way because of The Games.

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You can share how Olympians have inspired you to get active and get moving with your family by tweeting with the hashtag #inspiredto. You can see your tweet light up an interactive map of Canada, and check out some videos from our athletes at coca-cola.ca/olympics.

Keeping Kids Active

These days I am a Mother and am intent on keeping our girls active, thankfully they LOVE sports and are just at the right age to enjoy FUN exercise. Our family isn’t travelling to Olympic practices but we are found at gymnastics, swimming, hiking, building snow forts, tobogganing and many other activities which we enjoy.

This week, just before their swimming lessons, my 10 year-old asked if she can join the local swimming team so that she can have practice more often. WOW, heck yeah you can! Chances are she won’t be attending the Olympic Games but she will be getting more active and this Mom loves that idea!

Enter to WIN a Coca-Cola Prize Pack

During the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Coca-Cola Canada wants to help you get inspired by Canada’s athletes and get in some active play time of your own with the Coca-Cola Show Your Spirit prize pack.
Valued at $100, the Coca-Cola Show Your Spirit prize pack has everything to make the most out of family time this winter and enjoy some fun outdoor activities
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Contents include: a toboggan, Team Canada mittens, a Canadian Tire gift card, and a limited edition Olympic-themed Coca-Cola 12-pack. 

Entry is simple, just fill in the Giveaway Tools form below. This is open to residents of Canada, the winner will be pulled on March 12 and the winner will have 48 hrs to respond.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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129 Responses

  1. I have 5 boys including 3, 5 and 6 year olds. I don’t have to do anything to keep them active. In fact, they keep ME active!

  2. My husband and I walk mostly. We have two dogs so we walk them daily and during the warmer weather we swim too.

  3. My husband exposes them to as many activities and sports as he can, in hopes they will develop a natural love of something physical.

  4. We always take our grandkids (or just ourselves) down to the beach. We are either walking or searching for sea glass

  5. I love to go on walks with my boys in our neighbourhood. We love to look at the snow and ice and how it looks on trees, houses, cars and rocks.

  6. Soccer, baseball, swimming, skating – you name it, the kids have played it. We coached for many years when our kids were growing up. Now the grandkids are starting into the same sports.

  7. In winter, we try to go skating once a week and my son is having swimming lesson once a week. On weekends, we will go out and get our kids walking around so at least they have some exercise

  8. I do an aquafit class 3 times a week , my daughter is in 4 dance classes and my boys do tae kwon do , aside from that we all walk together and tennis and skating are 2 of our favorite sports to do as a family

  9. we get outside and try new things, always looking for new indoor play places for rainy days. chasing my son through play tunnels keeps us both active

  10. We go for walks but have our own exercise regiments, I prefer yoga and zumba while he will swim and play team sports like baseball.

  11. my hubby runs, my oldest was a gymnast and cheerleader now she goes to gym. my youngest was on swimteam now goes to gym and me I was a former poutine closet muncher now I go to gym lol

  12. We keep active by going for walks. My grandchildren keep active by participating in dancing, swimming, and gymnastics.

  13. We have family memberships to the y. Someone always wants to be there for some activity which forces us all to go and keep active.

  14. From September to May, our girls take skating lessons and swimming lessons. In the summer they play soccer. As a family though, we go for walks, to the park, bike rides, swimming, tobogganing and we love to have kitchen dance parties while dinner is cooking. :)

  15. We get outside every day. I love going for long walks through our neighbourhood with my daughter. We also participate in classes that require us to be active.

  16. we go outside every day. there’s always something to do and allows for creativity on the part of the little ones. thanks

  17. This winter it has been family shoveling adventures!!! We stay active as a family by family walks and swimming in the summer!

  18. We spend a lot of time outside! We head to the park when it’s sunny or head to the pool or skating rink when it’s raining.

  19. We take walks on a regular basis and since we live on a mountain most of it consists of hills. We also like hiking in the Summer and occasionally biking. I hate being cooped up and do my best to get out and enjoy nature :)

  20. I try to get out for walks even if it is just around the mall or the grocery store. The steps add up and they can tell me what they want as far as groceries so they can’t complain if they don’t have what they want LOL

  21. I try to only use my car on Saturdays. We walk everywhere. And we don’t buy any processed food. I just avoid the middle of the grocery store. It usually works!!

  22. We have a family walk 4x a week, and enroll ourselves on sports teams, in different sporting events, etc.

  23. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the Coca-Cola Prize Pack.
    In response to your question of How do you and your family keep active?
    We keep active by going for walks,exercising daily and swimming.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  24. We certainly do not keep as active as we should. I have bad knees and back and sometimes use that as an excuse to not try. Have now bought hand weights and an exercise ball, so hoping for the best!

  25. we have a small farm so we are always outside. A mountain in our valley for skiing and snowshoeing and a river beside our house for swimming in the summer. Soccer, football, hockey and baseball fills in our spare time LOL. Not much time for inside stuff

  26. We try to walk whenever we can instead of driving but lately that`s been a challenge due to the brutal winter we`ve had!

  27. we live it Ottawa, Ontario and this winter has been very cold. we did not do a lot of outdoor things this year because of this but on the few days that it was warmer we went to the canal to see winterlude. and we went skating and we also went sliding. but in the house we did a lot of crafts and just goofed around indoors.

  28. We work in the garden together, and I run, pushing my daughter in the stroller and then we play at the park.

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