Getting Fit N Healthy in 2014 – It’s Not Just About Losing Weight #FitNHealthy

Last week I set a goal for myself, one that is simple really. I vowed to lead a healthy lifestyle; this may sound like the usual resolution and your’e right if you’re rolling your eyes saying “Julie you know you’ve tried this before”. The only difference is that I didn’t just decided to lose weight, this time I said I was taking back control of my health.

getting healthy

This may seem like a slight difference but to a mind like mine it’s a MAJOR difference. Let me try and explain how my usual thinking works.

So if I set a goal to lose weight and have a target of say 30 pounds, generally I achieve it. I did it quite publicly here on my blog in the past. So my pants will fit well, I’ll lose the back fat and feel pretty damned good about myself. BRAVO Julie right? Wait, no applause yet because soon enough I’ll succumb to my cravings for the foods I stuffed into my diet in the past. These foods will go from a “treat” to a regular choice and soon enough I’ll have gained back the 30 pounds.

Choosing Health

This time I’m making conscious efforts to change my thinking patterns, to learn to crave veggies instead of resentfully loading my plate with them to lose weight. One day at a time I’m ignoring the 10 billion thoughts of delicious, fatty foods that enter my head….

It’s been proven in my life that I can beat any battle if I focus on just one day. I’ve retrained my thinking in regards to alcohol, now I’m doing this with foods. Instead of eliminating them completely this time, I’m learning to enjoy the foods which are healthy for me and indulging in moderation. Right now that’s working.


I’m also moving more, I’m finding small ways to move my body throughout the day (like power walks in the snow) and going to the gym with friends. Hey, I’m a ridiculously social creature so I’m using this to my advantage. I have some great ladies who have invited me to join them and the encouragement has gotten me off the couch and moving.

Synopsis of Week #1

This week I’ve surprised myself, I moved much more than I would have in the past and it was done with a willing heart. That’s the amazing part! I actually looked for ways to get moving and although I was a wee bit enthusiastic at times (bloody sore muscles) I kept my body moving.

I lost 4 pounds, did 3 hours of exercise and have managed my pain levels in order to keep going. I also ate 1200 calories per day, in a healthy way. I use a fitness app to track my calories eaten and exercise, it’s and it’s really helped me to keep everything in order. Left to my own memory I’d be way over calories daily.

So in the end I’m really excited about these changes. This week I’m focusing upon pre-planning meals and will be sharing a few recipes here with you all.

How did you do, did you make some healthier changes this week?

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21 Responses

  1. Your doing GREAT!! Day 1 for me. Just came back from the supermarket with LOTS of healthy options. Tomorrow is my start to exercise. I LOVE the walk away the lbs videos. They help me ALOT 2 years ago to loose 70lbs. You can walk up to 4 miles right in your own home. Leslie Samone does them if you wanted to check them out. Keep up the good work. Alot of it IS routine!! ;)

  2. great job, I bought a fit bit flex with a gift card and just started using it. I go to gym. your lucky you have exercise buddies, I dont know anyone so its just little ole me.

  3. I use MyFitnessPal and I have to say, I was SHOCKED when I actually really started to look at serving sizes and measure things out… It really does make you STOP reaching for the junk when you realize that that one indulgence (and you should still allow those or, I feel, you are setting yourself up for disaster eliminating them completely. Learn moderation, I guess) will mean a hefty chunk of your daily intake.

    The one downside to MFP? I don’t feel the break down of items like fats, sugar, etc is accurate. I am often over my limits – but I don’t consider the healthy fat from an avocado or the sugar from an apple to be the same as a greasy plate of fries or a spoon of white sugar. Keep that in mind :)

    Good luck on your journey!

  4. Hello Julie, I am so happy I stumbled upon your website. I am a grateful recovered alcoholic. I just celebrated my 8 yr anniversary on January 1st. I have been overweight most of my adult life and have just recently started eating healthy and I lost 42 lbs. since June. Thank you for your great website!! :-)

    1. Hey there, I’m so glad you made it here!! Please do let me know how you’re doing, so great to meet another person in recovery who is focusing upon their health

  5. Great gym shot. I found it amazing how after a while of eating cleaner the salt and sugar in processed foods seems so overwhelming.

  6. Amazing! I too believe it is not about the weight, it is about being healthy, fit and happy. It is amazing what a power walk in the snow will do. The body will follow. I just turned 40 and got a major health clearance on the same day, that had been eating me up since August. WALK, WALK, WALK and tunes. Winter is a bitch, but so am I! :)

    1. whooohooo Christy that’s the fighting spirit! It’s a mental game for me, if I think I’m too tired I am defeated but when I get up and go…well somethings I can get through it

  7. Leading a healthy lifestyle is a great goal to have. I recently decided I need to make this change as well. My Mom and Sister both had/have MS.. and that scares me.. as my chances now increase. So I feel like now is the time to start making changes!

  8. I’ve been watching your fitness journey and I can attest to the fact of how hard it is. The thing most people don’t understand is yah you are not alone. Mad props to you Julie, you’re doing great!

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