Spring recipes….HELP

Spring has arrived!!! For this family it not only means warmer weather and brightened spirits it means that my cooking skills are challenged more regularly.
Spring days here with a 5 and 7 year old are spent outside riding on bicycles, scooters, calling on friends repeatedly, jumping in any puddles they can find and general merriment with a gaggle of other little people in the ‘hood who are feeling that Spring feeling.
Generally speaking this means more visitors to our kitchen. The front hallway will be scattered with scuffed up sneakers, bike helmets and rubber boots depending on the day. Giggles and ear splitting screams of little people excitement fill the house during these times.
The shift from the sluggish little girls ‘o Winter to the lively Spring girls is sudden. The axis of our Earth shifted this past weekend when the temperatures were a mere plus 1 degrees Celsius but Mr Sun was shining brightly.
As the clock hit 11am I knew what was in store so being the culinary challenged Mom I am I did what I do best I hit the computer for inspiration and detailed direction.
There are a few sites I rely upon to provide sustenance to my little ladies, one of which is Kraft Canada.
Here I find easy to follow, healthy recipes which the girls love.
They even have a handy recipe finder where you just list in ingredients you have on hand and hit enter….viola recipes are provided for a horrible planner like me.
I know that my Mum wouldn’t be surprised by this behavior of mine, her amazing ability to whip up something delicious out of seemingly nothing was not passed along to me.
When I realized that I have this behavior this past weekend it occurred to me that there is a possibility that one day I will not be able to access the Internet…GASP, NO!!!!
How will my dear children’s hunger be satisfied then???
And so I figured this is a great forum to get recipes and cooking/kitchen tips from my blogger friends who are more talented than I am.
Can you share your fave tip or spring recipe with me?

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  1. I have discovered a new series of cook books. I used to be a non-cooking mom/wife. I just 'made' something to eat. Now, thanks to this series, I cook yummy fun food! I'm in love!!!www.thesneakychef.com

  2. I receive the Kraft What's Cooking magazine which has great recipes in it. You should sign up for a subscription (free) so you can access the same easy, tasty recipes when you don't have the internet. On the internet, I use allrecipes.com.

  3. "Recipes" and I don't usually mix well. I'm a mix and match cook. So I find it helpful to have a list of foods in several columns corresponding to the Canada Food Guide. Things I like, things I keep in the house at all times. Depending on the time of day, and the time of year, a meal can be anything from a muffin with cheese to a bowl of chili to chicken breast baked with Julianne sauce on top, right beside baked potatoes, and rounded out with steamed broccoli or green beans. Snacks can be so easy especially in the spring/summer … fresh fruit on hand, or veggie sticks kept pre-cut in a container of water in the fridge… as the weather gets warmer there's nothing like corn on the cob, shucked and wrapped in tinfoil, cooked on the BBQ from 10 to 14 minutes, rotating the cobs every 4 or 5 minutes! Just a few ideas to get your own creative juices flowing (pardon the pun)…

  4. Herbs flavor and garnish both raw and cooked dishes and the fabulous aroma that the herbs fuse with the dish. Most herbs behave well while cooking, but not all herbs behave in the same way. When I think of using herbs for my dishes, the first set of herbs that comes to mind are parsley, thyme leaves and chives, which are among my very favorites since they give an extra lift to the taste.Herbs for cooking should enhance not overpower food flavors. Some have a dominant punch and can be used by themselves or in combination with milder ones. Milder herbs can be blended into many delightful flavor combinations.Healthy cooking tips

  5. @ Pat, I love the Kraft magazine@ Just Be Real, neither do I ;)@ Judy, those are great ideas, thanks@ Dan I hadn't considered herbs, I'll have to make some basic notes for myself. Generally I use salt, pepper, garlic, and herb blends but honestly not enough. Thank you.

  6. When spring and summer come to Wisconsin (July) we all live outside. The kids with their friends and me in my flower gardens. So I turn to grilling. Turkey burgers, chicken, pork, veggies etc. Food has to be fast and clean up easy. I also have learned to let the kids play till dark and ususally have a grilled cheese and veggies waiting for them before their baths. I hated when my mom interrupted our play for dinner, and I'm sure she's rolling her eyes as I write this, but winter is too long, and spring and summer to short! So it's outside we go….

  7. I find summer meals easier because we live just like you guys, we have a pool and live out there. I do love the grilled cheese with veggies idea, the girls will dig it.

  8. Summer for me meanss VEGGIES! My favorite is to heat some olive oil & garlic in a pot with a lid for about 5 minutes – then throw in either swiss chard or spinach, put the lid on and let it wilt maybe another 5-10 minutes. SO GOOD. (sometimes I add red pepper flakes). I haven't cooked for kids in ages so I'll have to get back to you on that one :)

  9. You can make your own 5-minute pizzas using soft tortillas, Kraft pizza sauce, and the usual toppings (whatever your favorite is). You can get pizza spice bulk at the Bulk Barn. Get the kids to help "decorate" before baking… at 400 F for 5 minutes… the edges of the crust will be crispy.

  10. Thanks Jeremey, I've never done spinach like that, going to give it a try.Judy that is exactly what I needed today lol we have gymnastics tonight so a quick meal is on the menu, now Pizza!

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