Legacies from Mother to Daughter

I’ve been all sappy since I wrote my submission to The Red Dress Club challenge last night and today I was pondering what my legacy to my daughters would be….Talk about total Mommy Sap here!
Perhaps it’s the Irish in me (I claim a fair amount of Irish blood but my Grandmother was just 1/2 Irish, shh don’t tell anyone) but when I think of my own legacy my first thought isn’t money or material items.
Will my daughters use my token words?
Those words which my Mum used, the same ones my Grandmother probably taught her?
When their children fall will they say “up you get poppet”?
Once they are back on their feet will they say “way you go then”?
When their children are feeling aches in their bodies while growing will they tuck them into bed with a water bottle, lying them on their sides with a cold, damp cloth on the forehead and a kiss upon their cheek saying “Ni Ni, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”?
See there’s the emotional Irish side of me.
There are so many legacies handed to me from my Mum which I already see myself using daily. It seems that with the birth of my children all the memories which were stored in my subconscious have kicked into gear.
I’m grumpy in the mornings just like my Mum, generally running late and STRESSED!
I love socializing just like Mum.
I love a good book just like Mum.
Wish my boobs would grow to her size. Wait was that out loud?
Who knew I’d dig going to second hand stores and finding treasures like my Mum?
I say the same prayers to my children that were said to me, I kiss the boo boos the same way as she did, I sing the same little songs to my babies.
Funny how that works.
Last summer our little family went to a Christian retreat 3 hours North of our home called MBC for a week. This was an amazing week for us filled with learning about God, spending time on the beach, going frogging and just relaxing doing life together.
Now there’s a legacy.
While we were there I took a short photography course and spent the week taking over 600 photos which I will share overtime on this blog I’m sure. There is one photo I want to share with you.
This is where you may be thinking….OK Sassy Sober Julie it’s a photo of hands, cute Mommy and Daughter…nice but what’s so special?
It’s not just hands.
It’s my legacy.
It shows 4 generations of hands.
I have exactly the same hands as my Mum’s
 My Mum has exactly the same hands as her Mother’s
My young daughter has exactly the same hands as mine
Therefore my daughter has my Grandmother’s hands in hers.
These hands hold my legacy.

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14 Responses

  1. You're so totally AWESOME!!!After I wrote about my bicycle ride as a seven year old in the RDC prompt, I too have been sort of reminiscent,,, in kind of a pathetic way….So, I am diving into this fiction prompt with vegence,,,, AaarrrRRGggHHhh :)Can't stay all sentimental for too long – hurts my German image…~d

  2. I love that all of the quirky things get passed down from generation to generation. I love how sometimes we hear them as kids or teenagers and think they are dorky, but then we use them when we become parents, because they hold a place in our heart. Lovely piece.

  3. Thanks for getting me all choked up! I love the sayings, the photo, and all of your hands. My hands are small like my mother's and my daughter's hands are shaped much differently than mine. She has long pretty fingers so I hope that means she will be taller than me! Either way we become what we say we never will be….tiny little voices of our mothers! The day I said, "it's all fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out" I burst out laughing. I had gone full circle and sounded just like my mom. Just the fact that you are an awesome person and an awesome mother will be enough of a legacy for your little dollies….peace!

  4. Dear Julie,I love this post for so many reasons. My dad was Irish, so I'm half.My mom used to tell me not to let the bed bugs bite.And, most of all, I have my mom's hands. And her hands are what I loved best about her. Your mother had lovely hands, BTW ;)

  5. What a great post. Its funny just last night I was contemplating what my girls will think of me when they get older… will they use some of my same traditions? What new ones will they make… this post made me think of that again…

  6. @ Robin, you're so right, when I was a teen all I hoped was that I didn't end up with my father's nose….and yet I did and I kinda like it's uniqueness…kinda@dry, I'm so glad I choked you up and you took a moment to reflect lady :)@Kathy my Irish friend thank you@Soer Great minds huh?

  7. God Bless you on your journey. You are strong and beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to read more. We are all on our own journey with Him.God Bless,Shelley

  8. How beautifully written! Hands speak volumes- it isn't just what they look like, it's what you do with it. Just like a legacy, we can inherit things, but what do we do with what we've gotten? bravo!(Visiting from TRDC)

  9. This is so very sweet. I have started doing the same things my mom does too. Its a nice tradition that I thought I would hate. Nicely written!

  10. Hi there, Stopping by from BloggyMoms to check out your blog. I love it! And I love your writing style. You sound like a very interesting woman. I'm now one of your new followers. Blessings,Rosannhttp://www.christiansupermom.com/

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