Angry Birds™ Visa® Prepaid Card – Holiday Gift Guide #SJHolidayGiftGuide

So often we find ourselves clueless when buying for those on our Holiday shopping lists. The Angry Birds™ Visa® Prepaid Card is a gift which anyone on your list would be pleased to receive.

The Angry Birds™ Visa® Prepaid Card has NO INTEREST!! If you have a teen on your list, imagine giving this gift to them…they’ll be happily shopping and you won’t receive any surprises at the end of the month on a statement.

This is a GREAT choice for stockings, your kids or anyone really because you can choose the amount of money you put on the card. It can be used anywhere in Canada or around the world!

Angry Birds Visa

Angry Birds™ Visa® Prepaid Card

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Save 100% of the money you’re spending right now on your credit card interest rates while getting 1.5% cash back when you shop at your favourite stores!

While most Canadians have an interest rate between 18%-20% on their credit cards, prepaid card holders enjoy a debt-free, interest-free way of spending every month.

With no application process, it’s great for those who are new to plastic. Because there are free card-to-card transfers, parents are using it to distribute allowances to their teen children.  It’s also safer than cash because, unlike cash, if your child loses their card, you can still recover the funds.

Budget your family and use the card as an iTunes card or for any other online purchases and enjoy the safety of Visa’s Zero Liability Protection®.

The card can be used domestically and internationally to withdraw cash from an ATM and it can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted.

So, what is a prepaid card? When you use a prepaid card, you pay now, buy later—basically, you budget before you spend. A prepaid card is reloadable and has no interest rate. Use an Angry Birds™ Visa® prepaid card to budget before you spend.

Get yours now at paymobile.come/angrybirds

You can connect with Angry Birds Visa Prepaid Card on Twitter HERE.

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for more people on your list, make sure to check our the rest of our Holiday Gift Guide features.

Disclosure: We were provided with product in exchange this advertorial. All opinions are my own.


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