Long Weeked Family Time, Bickering & All

It’s the Long Weekend!

It’s a long weekend here and we’re off to open up our trailer. Thank goodness for good friends who will house/dog sit, what would we do without good friends??

This weekend away means I will be away from the Internet….gasp! Yes it’s a well needed break, a chance to disconnect and reconnect with my inner self. These weekends are jam packed with family memories and opportunities for teaching our girls what is important in life. Yes I’ve pre-prepared myself for the bickering in the car, the irritation of bedtime in the very small trailer and am ready to over-look all of that to harness those darned fleeting happy moments!!

Here are a few pics of our summer getaway to give you an idea of where we are:

TrailerLong Weekend trailerTrailer2This is one of my favorite spots at the trailer….

MBC Relax

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Best holidays ever when your camping, we get in the rv and go, your trailer looks nice and comfy:)

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