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With the colder days I’ve become a bit concerned about my daughters’ breakfast habits. They do eat in the mornings but they have been grabbing a cereal bar as they run out the door and this has me concerned that they’re not getting enough…both in the nutrition department and in my efforts. When I was a girl here in the ‘burbs, my Mum didn’t spend time making us a hot breakfast. For some strange reason my childhood self found this to be unacceptable and off I went, hands on hips to demand my Mum provide us with a hot meal on the table in the mornings….yup I was fiesty.

After I’d finished my wee tirade of comparisons to other families my Mum simply smiled, reached into the cupboard and produced a box of instant porridge. BAM there was our hot cereal, ready as soon as the kettle boiled! Well played Mum.

So, as you can see weekday breakfasts have always been quick in my home but now I feel the pull to do MORE for the girls. No more cereal bars on the go but what can I do? Thankfully I’m an online-savvy woman and know where to turn!

Fast Hot Breakfast

This week I’m making my Not So Blondie Brownies – With Hidden Veggies as a surprise breakfast choice for the girls. I can easily keep them in the fridge, then pop them into the oven to warm them up for a few minutes in the mornings.

Brownie Blondie

As an extra treat I’m using Gay Lea’s Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Spreadable on top. Not only will the girls LOVE the taste but they’ll be getting the benefit of a hot meal with hidden veggies in it!

The perfect blend of Cinnamon, Brown Sugar and Real Gay Lea Butter that spreads right out of the fridge.  Gay Lea Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Spreadables lets you enjoy the delicious taste of cinnamon on French Toast, pancakes, and fresh bread or your favourite savoury dishes like carrots, sweet potatoes and butternut squash.  It is the perfect for baking and adding that cinnamon taste to your buns, cookies and apple pie filling.

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The winner will receive 12 coupons for free products, mailed to you within 4-6 weeks. To enter, you must be a resident of Canada (excluding Quebec) over the age of 18

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76 Responses

  1. Breakfast is my favourite meal in general, it’s very hard to pick just one! French Toast, I do love French Toast so that’ll be my answer :)

  2. My Favorite Hot Breakfast would be PANCAKES!!!

    And imagine how awesome they would be with Gay Lea’s Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Spreadable on top!! YUM!

  3. I love eggs. bacon and toast. Most days I have cream of wheat. A spoon of that butter would really add to the flavour

  4. Something I don’t have to make ;o) – just kidding! I love Cinnamon Brioche with maple syrup and a side of fresh fruit!

  5. French Toast and Bacon is one of my favorites, but I would also try this butter in my oatmeal for some yummy flavor.

  6. Oh,I love all kinds of breakfests! I will say a big breakfest of bacon,eggs,hashbrowns and toast! Yummy!

  7. I love homemade pumpkin oatmeal with cranberries, almonds & quinoa. Your breakfast looks like it might become my favourite though! Looks so yummy :)

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